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SO, if you tuned in to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to see [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] – you were probably over-whelmed  not only by the Bieber Fever, but by the Brown family, and the charity they started in memory of their daughter Alex who was killed in a  texting and driving accident.

Tons of you were asking for more info so here you go!

Sure the Almighty O (Oprah) warned us about the dangers of texting and driving – but to actually see a family who lost someone they loved to it – and how it affected them, really hit home for lots of us!

The Brown family turned their tragedy in to something positive by starting: R.A.B ~ Remember Alex Brown, a foundation that tells her story to educate and hopefully save lives.

To take the pledge to not text and drive click here:

R.A.B : Remember Alex Brown Pledge

Be Safe! You’re all irreplaceable to us! 😉

Comments (100)
  1. Gracie Day says:

    I’m going to tell all my friends and family do’nt text and drive God Loves you and all your courage !!! Love ya Gracie and mike day

  2. Linda says:

    I seen ur show after a couple weeks of being hounded on bye my family not to text in drive… Now I wont! I want to sign the pledge and wear with honor ur thumb band

  3. Thomas Plumb says:

    I’am an art student at Southern Oregon University am willing to
    make a custom design for a print to raise money at auction.

    1. Marlene Ross says:

      I am a Grandparent and live in Florida by I am from Vestal NY How do I get this started in Vestal Senior High School ? I have two Grandaughters that go to Vestal. Thinking of all of you with Love !

  4. Debbie says:

    I just watch Extreme Makeover, and sat here in tears most of the show. The strength you have is very special. Thank you for what you are doing. I am so sorry that your family had to go through such a horrific loss. My prayers to out to you, your family, and all who have lost a family member to this.

  5. Katherine Hendricks says:

    I would be interested in talking to you about seeing if you could talk to Bastrop High in Bastrop, Tx. I would just like to get some info on what you do. Your family is in my prayers. Thank you for your time.

  6. Leesa Vieths says:

    I was deeply moved by the Brown family’s loss & situation. I have 2 beautiful daughters of my own. My oldest is 19yrs & I always tell her not to text & drive. My youngest is 15yrs & just learning to drive as I will also drill into her not to text & drive. There’s nothing more important than our lives or others & no words that can’t wait till they are done driving. I’m sorry it takes the loss of someone very special to help others realize the dangers of being distracted driving. My heart goes out to the Brown family.

  7. Lorrie says:

    I was so touch last night by the Browns story. My family has a friend who lost her daughter to driving while texing I know not to do it but their has been times I have done it I want to sign the plage email it to me please

  8. Rena surratt says:

    This is SAD… I dont even own a cell phone. I get so mad when I sitting at a red light and count the people TEXTING or running their mouth on a cell phone. I followed a girl through a scool zone she didnt even look up or even do the speed limit. Its a shame Its not a world wide law……

  9. Nicci Cornett says:

    I watched your story on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and it really touched my heart. It broke my heart, and it filled my heart with happiness to watch your family move on after such a devastating tragedy.I am a mom of 2 young kids, ages 8 & 9, and I just don’t know how you do it . You are an amazing family….all the best to all of you. By the way I am signing the pledge and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. God Bless Alex and God Bless all of you !

  10. Beth Mumaw says:

    I live in Madison, Alabama and have wanted to promote not texting while driving. If there is a way for our city to become involved please let me know. I am all about implementing a law to stop this.

  11. Ruth Askins says:

    I was overwhelm watching Extreme Makeover and I just want to know how I can get the Brown’s family to come to Pennsylvania and speak the West Perry High School students.
    Please advise.

  12. tammy brewster says:

    i saw the show yesterday on extreme make over and i was in tears becouse im a mom of 4 kids and i have a 16 year old sister i told her about the story she is going to tell all her friends and im going to tell mine even though we are all older people we should learn from this 2 im going to promise and pledge no to text and drive for my family and other familys sake…. THANKS TAMMY BREWSTER CINCINNATI OHIO

  13. zoey says:

    even though i dont know alex ill always remember her story

  14. Vicki Hubbard says:

    I was certaily moved by the Extreme Makeover show on the Brown family! It was so moving watching people like the Brown’s who went through such a tragic ordeal to turn it into a positive outreach to others! God Bless this family and Extreme Makeover in continuning thier great works!

  15. carrie says:

    I’m going to tell all my friends and family do’nt text and drive Love from Germany

  16. carrie says:

    I’m going to tell all my friends and family do’nt text and drive Love from Germany …………..

  17. Taylor Leaptrot says:

    I watched Extreme Makeover and it was sad to hear Alex’s story
    .I am only nine years old in third grade and I signed the pledge.I promise to tell all my friends and family to not text and drive.I will
    always remember Alex!!!! 🙂

  18. Anita Leaptrot says:

    I am the mother of Taylor Leaptrot and as we both watched Extreme Makeover we both were truly touched. She is a 9 yr old who is very loving and very sensitive to others. She wanted to sign the pledge eventhough she was not old enough to do so. Tears flowed down my face as I watched the hurt that has overcome your life, and you are doing a wonderful thing and I too took the pledge to not text and drive. I don’t even like talking on the cell phone when I am driving. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

  19. kevin says:

    i want to sign the pledge and i will never text and drive and i will tell my friends not to

  20. alexis says:

    i wont text and drive!

  21. Olyvia Utnage says:

    I will tell all of my friends and family not to text and drive and i’m so sorry u had to lose ur daughter to something as horrible as texting and driving and i think u guys r very strong couragious ppl for wut u do to inform ppl

  22. Cindy Misemer says:

    This is a choice all of us Teens make. My brother text and drives. We go through stop signs and he doesn’t care. Its very hard, I chose not to drive with him, unless its a absolute have to. He is someone that is, this will be my way. He is leaving for basic June 15 and I am hopeing he makes it that long to live out his dream in the military. I will take this pledge for many reasons. I cried and cried while watching Extream Makeover. I have a little sister that is 14 and she’s living her dream of being a cheerleader. Me and her are unseperable! We leave notes and things for eachother and to wake up to not knowing thats the last message i’ll see from her, would kill me. I love my sister, I am a hudge “go go with friends” junkie. I would not want to wake up one day and see that my best friend(s) have been killed from a car wreck. I am going to be sixteen in two weeks and when I go car shopping I have a budget. My mom says everyone wrecks there first car in some way. I will admit right now, it will not be because I am texting and driving! I don’t care if its on our back country rds or not! I love my family, friends, and peers. I will not want that hurt, so I will not cause it for anybody else either! Thank you Alex Brown for being a big stand in this Country! You are my idol…here or there! Hope to meet you one day!:) God Bless!

  23. janet says:

    alex was a great person so i will spread te word to every one i know .i will also make the pledge 2 not text and drive. this really inspired me.

  24. Heather says:

    i saw the extreme makeover edition and i will never text and drive again! thank so much for bringing this to so many people attention i think u have reached many people and will continue to touch many more people lives!

  25. Reilly says:

    I watched this episod on extream make over and it touched my heart. I went around school tell people dont text and drive. I also said do u really want to waste your life my texting your friend. i told my self i will not text on the road or talk on the phone. if i need to answer a call i will pull over in a parking lot.
    God loves you and alex will be missed.

    Reilly Mesaros

  26. DaeLin Schroeder says:

    It broke my heart when I seen the show I will forever remember your daughter and never text and drive. It brought tears to my eyes to see a young life taken to soon .

  27. meriya says:

    i will always remember alexis brown. i saw the show and intsily started crying

  28. abbey branham says:

    i think what yall have done is making a big difference i live in a small little old county and tennessee and everyone is talking about the amazing difference you have made in there life yall are some amazing people!!!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!!!

  29. Yvonne says:

    I was taken so much by your program about Alex. I am spreading the word to all my grandkids and their friends.
    Thank You very much

  30. Kathy says:

    I saw the show & since then their has been a teenage girl n my nieghborhood that is n the hosiptal due 2 texting while driven! Shes going 2 b ok but has 2 learn 2 walk all over again. I would like 2 know if u have thought about traveling n this direction? Our kids here needs 2 learn the importance of not texting while driven. Adults need 2 do the same.

  31. Judith Hohn says:

    I would like to purchase 3 the red thumb rings
    Thank You Judith Hohn.

  32. Yvonne says:

    I wish they would do something like this for alcohol. My granddaughter had a couple of swallows of beer got behind the wheel and she totaled her car. She had a .05 level. She has lost her license for 1yr. She has to go to 4 classes, and it cost her $1000. She said all she had was a couple of swallows. She is only 5’3″ and weights only 105lbs. I love what you are doing for Alex. She was a beautiful girl.

  33. Madison says:

    we all need to learn that we are one of a kind!

  34. kelsey mitchell says:

    im going to tell my parents to not text and drive cause what happened to Alex was tragic.
    love you guys lots and your house and what you did is amazing!!!
    love Kelsey and my family!!!!!!!!!!!!! as well as my friend keep up the great work

  35. Isabelle says:

    You really inspired my whole school we maybe future drivers but u inspired us THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Isabelle says:

    I pledge To not TXT AND DRIVE R.A.B

  37. sharon whitman says:

    need more information on the program would like to show to my youth group also on the rings n pledges

  38. tajaire collazo says:

    dont text and drive i witnessed a car accident because of texting and driving thank god the person was okay though. i even made sure all my family doesnt text and drive

    1. tajaire collazo says:

      I PLEDGE TO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE your show really inspired me

  39. thajaire says:

    I PLEDGE TO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE i really loved the extreme makeover show i started to cry when i saw what had happened you really touched my heart

  40. thajaire says:

    i really loved the extreme makeover show i started to cry when i saw what had happened you really touched my heart

    1. damonika says:

      im really sorry for what happen to alex! ,<3 she was very pretty ,. . thats why im not going to text and DRIVE..


  41. Sarah and Cecilia says:

    OMG! I feel sooo bad! I will never txt and drive! THANK YOU EXTREME MAKEOVER FOR CHANGING THEIR LIVES!!!

  42. katie says:

    wow after seeing the showe made me really think about txtin and driving.. im sorry for the loss to the family.. i will put the word out in SACRAMENTO and AUBURN CA to not text and drive.

  43. andrew says:

    ty fo getting that out it save a lot of people to here that now in IL the law needs to crack down on txtind and driving.. ty for getting that out hope it dose good

  44. Christina Adkins says:

    So sorry that you and other families have to go through this. I have 3 young girls and I hope sharing this with them will help them to choose the right way of driving. God has given you such strength to spread this to all of those young and old and I thank you for that. Alex seems like she was a beautiful person that fit right into a beautiful family. May you continue to spread the word. God Bless You!

  45. Roxie Husted says:

    i don,t not believe in texting while try as it is not safe to do so

  46. Lorraine Hatfield says:

    I am the driver in the family I do not talk or text while driving any one
    who has any common since should know that that talking texting
    while drive is not a safe driver and I for one would not be in the same car if they were doing so

  47. Brenda Pena says:

    I would like to help to spread the dangers of texting and driving. I want to help to get a law passed for all americans to stop texting and driving.

  48. madison wright says:

    heyy im madison and i am in the process of having my high school sign this pledge i loved your story on extreme makover and want to make a difference ALL my love to you and your organization (and your little girl is such a doll)
    Madison wright

  49. Tajanea Jackson says:

    i pledge not to text while im driving !

  50. Samie K says:

    I don’t have the ability to drive yet but I have lost to many people in my life to ever Die on my Family…I pledge to never Text and Drive and The Brown Family is in my prayers!

  51. Terra Nevel says:

    hello my name is Terra and i pledge not to text while driving!

  52. william shepherd says:

    hello my name is william and i pledge to not text and drive

  53. william macdonald says:

    i am doing a project to stop texting and driving in the remeberence of alex b.

  54. diane says:

    i wont text and drive just for u justin

  55. Susanne says:

    He There

    This is a message from the Netherlands, I saw de show. I think your doing a good job. I WONT”T TEXT AND DRIVE

    Greetz from the Netherlands Suus

  56. Ingrid van Steendelaar says:

    i wont text and drive!
    respect for the foundation from the netherlands

  57. johan says:

    i plege to not text and drive that is really sad

    1. Gloria young says:

      Its a wonderful thing that the family is doing to spread the word not to text & drive because I have a Granddaughter that just got her license & I told her about the Extreame Makeover that is showing the show of Alex. I will tell everyone I see.

  58. Jessica says:

    I promise never to text and drive

  59. Keley renee says:

    I am watchin it anmy mom txts an drives an she has pledged to quit txt an driving as well as me. I think what yall are doin is wonderful an katrina u inspire me. I hope u get discovered an ur dreams come true

  60. Mary A says:

    I will not text and drive

  61. Sarah says:

    I Sarah from Niagara Falls Canada pledge to not text and drive.

  62. PugMom says:

    I promise not to text and drive from Wash DC.
    Note…. While driving turn your ringer off and keep it in your. glove box so you will not be tempted. That’s what made me stop using the phone while driving a year ago. A simple tip that could save your life and the precious lives of others.
    God Bless.

  63. Hayley Lake says:

    im not going to txt when im driving

  64. daniel edgerton says:

    i will not text and drive i take this pledge in the name of alex brown and for all the others that have lost ther life please do the same and join so many others in this pledge abd save your life and maybe some one eles too

  65. melissa cramer says:

    my granddaughter is getting her drivers license in july im so afraid of her texting and driving i saw ur story on tv god bless u for what ur doing

  66. Denise Smithwick says:

    I Plege to never text while driving again!!!! Thank you for you guys story of what happened to your daughter. It has now helped me!!

  67. Jeff in Tennessee says:

    I pledge not to text and drive. I love Extreme Makeover Home Edition and saw the “Brown Family” and appreciate what they are doing. I am sorry for the loss of your daughter, but her life has been used in a much bigger way than any one could imagine. You are in my prayers.

  68. Betty Blau says:


  69. barbara hastick says:

    I pledge to not text and drive

  70. Fiona hamer says:

    Please ban use of mobile phone altogether whilst driving
    Young lives lost
    You know it makes sense

  71. patty mema says:

    i pledge not to text n drive save a life!!

  72. Missy says:

    I pledge to u to never tex an drive!!! ur doing a wonderful job an all my hope love an prayers are with u,, stay strong an u will go far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Shai Barlow says:

    I loved this Extreme makeover home edition it touched my heart. I am making the pledge not to text and drive and I dont even have my temps. Everyone should make the pledge….. 🙂 Remember Alex Brown

  74. Santhan Kumar says:

    what grad show and thanks to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition u guys doing grad job

  75. I an from zachery,Louisiana and I will never text and drive and i saw the extreme house make over edition and I was inspired by the story and I was very touched and I hope y’all have a safe and text free driving life!!! 🙂

  76. Tex Nugent says:

    I just saw this on Extrema Home Makeover!! This Is An Awesome Cause !!! My Heart Also Goes Out To You I Know What It Is Like To Lose Someone You Love !!! I Lost 2 brothers And 2 Sisters to Leukemia.It Is Amazing That You Took Something So Horrible And Turned It Into Something Incredible!! So I Am Taking The Pledge!! Keep Up The Great Work !! New Hampshire Send You Our Best !!

  77. KAMILLE says:

    i pledge not to drink and drive

  78. Santhan Kumar says:

    what a grad job u all doing god bless u

  79. Brionno says:


  80. Robin Dean says:

    I was very touched by this story tonight. I live in Charleston, SC. I night i pledge not to TEXT and drive… May God continue to richly “BLESS” your family… R.I.P. Alexs!! Robin A. Dean

  81. Angelia Rowell says:

    who do i plege (not text and drive)

  82. tracey barrymore says:

    I wont text and drive…..promise

  83. Hanna says:

    I Pledge not to text and drive, ever! The Brown’s story is very Heartbreaking, and Inspiring to me, It makes me not even want to text and drive!

  84. Kennth Allen says:

    NO WAY I`m not texting and driving. I have beautiful 8-year old daughter.

  85. Steve says:

    After watching this inspirational Home Edition about the Brown’s and losing a child has inspired not only me but many who have watched this edition. I would like to get my hands on those thumb rings and also pledge that I will never text while driving. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Brown for sharing your story to those of us that take texting and driving for granted. Steve

  86. Claudia Winters says:

    i pledge not to text and drive

  87. Sharon Collum says:

    I am the Grandmother of 9 ages 1-13 and I want to start early pounding this in to their heads. There are enough dangers on the road that we have no control over without losing someone we love over something that we can control. I pledge not to text and drive and to start now teaching my grandchildren the dangers of texting and driving.

  88. Tobin says:

    After watching the Home Edition featuring the Browns I pledge not to: TEXT AND DRIVE EVER!!!!! I would like some of those thumb rings. Remember Alex Brown for ever!! R.I.P Alex Brown.

  89. Robin says:

    Wish you could get your message across to the students of Columbus County North Carolina! A student from South Columbus High School was in a deadly crash on Friday May 27, 2011. He wasn’t killed but the driver of the other car was and it is suspected that the student was texting/facebooking while driving.

    Your story was very touching! Thanks!

  90. lisa hutton says:

    hi my name is lisa, from lincoln ,Egland i watched extreme make over home edition i have just passed my test 2 weeks ago and i pledge that i will never text and drive or drink and drive ,i have a 14 yr old son that means the world to me . the show touched my heart .best wishes for the future lisa xxxxx

  91. Bill Blosser says:

    I’m a retired police officer with many years experience in traffic enforcement and accident investigation. Distracted driving causes more injuries and death than many other vehicular causes. A car moves 1.46666667 feet per second per mile per hour. At 30 MPH that’s about 44 feet in one second – over 2 car lengths. A simple glance down to read an incoming message is just as deadly as tapping out a message to send. I would and will never text (send or receive) or place a cell phone to my ear while driving. A call to 911 will be by speaker or bluetooth and all other calls can wait. My phone has DriveSmart app and I use it. Just this weekend my wife and I were shopping and while driving observe a car driven by a young adult female that was weaving in the lane, driving over the safe speed for the traffic, nearly rear ended an SUV and in avoiding it came close to changing lanes into another vehicle. She was texting. At the next signal we tried to convince her to put down the phone, quit texting until she was off the road. Her response was to say she wasn’t driving, she was stopped at a red light. Her car description, license number and direction of travel, until she pulled into a parking lot, were provide to local police. Don’t know if she was caught but she had the DUMBEST response I’ve heard from anyone, including all those I cited during my years of service as a police officer.

  92. liz Balaguer says:

    Hi my name is liz im 32 single mom of a 9 yr old boy and i watched the show it was very touching …today while i was driving with my son my cell went off i picked it up to look at it, it was a text i began to write back and all the sudden i remembered Alex Brown and put my cell down. you have touched many lives including mine fom W.A state we thank you and may God cont. blessing your family..;-)

  93. hollie flynn says:


  94. Bradley Ashlock says:

    I am not old of age to drive but I will remember Alex Browns story.When I can drive I will not text and drive. You Are A HERO!!!!!!

  95. Barny says:

    I take the pledge!!! I live in the isle of man in the united kingdom and will spread awareness to my friends and hope that the message has a snow ball effect through out the island!!!

  96. Ali says:


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