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Kim Kardashian On Her Chicago Visit, Kardashian Kollection & Becoming A Mayor

Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe came out the the Sears in Woodfield Mall near Chicago last Friday night, and it was insane. Girls camped out overnight just to meet them. Before Kim’s appearance, she talked to B96/Chicago about her new collection, what she planned to do while she was in Chicago, and her thoughts on becoming a mayor.

The main reason for their visit was to show off their new collection, Kardashian Kollection Home. Kim said, “Khloe and I are going to come out and meet you guys. We have a mall appearance for Sears, and we’re launching our new collection. We’re really excited about it.” While they were at Sears, they took a bunch of funny photos and posted them on Facebook.

It’s always a struggle to make business decisions, especially when it involves family. The sisters have a very fair way of agreeing about what makes it into the collection. “Kourtney, Khloe and I obviously have such different personalities, so you can see a piece that is so Kim designed, or Khloe designed. We kind of have a rule. Two of us have to agree on a piece, or it can’t go in the collection,” Kim shared.

Before they became the huge reality stars that they are now, the Kardashian sisters used to run their own boutique called DASH all by themselves. “When we first opened up or DASH store about 8 years ago, we were the only people that worked there. Kourtney did all the books. Khloe and I traded off doing sales, Kim explained. “We were in there every single day. It’s a little different now. I love to go if I’m in New York, to stop in and see.”

Kim’s always shown going to New York or LA on TV, but this was not Kim’s first time in Chicago. “I’ve been there (Chicago) a couple times. One of my best friends in the entire world lives in Chicago. Her names Larsa, she’s actually married to Scottie Pippen, and I know he played in Chicago. She’s picking me up from the airport. We’re having our girl’s dinner the second I get in.” As far as the rest of her weekend, most people expected her to stay in Chicago. Instead she flew out to New York to spend the rest of it with Kanye West.


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