Lil Wayne has no patience for legal questioning. In a new video taped deposition, he plays the role of hostile witness who recalls little, antagonizes the cross examiner and even issues a not-so-veiled threat from the stand.

In a video posted by TMZ, the rapper turns the courtroom on its head by deflecting a line of questions with vitriol. 

After watching a taped segment of a Katie Couric’s All Access Grammy Special from 2009, the attorney gets nowhere with Wayne. 

“Is that an interview you actually gave with Katie Couric,” he asked. 

Wayne instantly mocked the question.

“Is that an interview I actually gave?” he repeated. “That’s a stupid ass question. You just saw me on there giving an intervew with Katie Couric.”

See the video here.

The deposition is from a second suit Wayne has brought against filmmaker Quincy Jones III (aka QD3) for the documentary film The Carter. Wayne originally allowed Jones access to his making of The Carter IV in 2008, but was not happy with the way he was depicted, which including video of his consumption of “Syrup,” the drink made from mixing codeine and sometimes other drugs.  

In the deposition, Wayne stonewalled with a series of  nine “I don’t recall” (or “I don’t know”) responses. Then he interrupted several with the answer, “I don’t know,” before the attorney could ask his question.

“I’m sorry, that’s my psychic,” he said, “I’m sorry.”

When asked if he’d ever hired a photographer, Wayne replied: 

“Sorry sir, no. I am a superstar. People hire them themselves to photograph me.” 

Near the end of his deposition shenanigans, Wayne finally resorted to a public threat.

“You know he can’t save you, right?” he said. “In the real world, that guy right here [the judge], he can’t save you in the real world. Just so you know.” 

When he repeated his claim and was asked to elaborate, he said. 

“I was talking to myself.” 

  —E. Parker, CBS Local



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