Controversial EDM superstar Deadmau5 has also displayed quite the business acumen, scoring lucrative licensing deals that have resulted in a myriad of branded merchandise, from high-end Deadmau5 headphones to his own branded Puma shoes to Mini Mau5head Earbuds that features molded recreations of the artist’s instantly identifiable logo.

Now, Deadmau5 has teamed up with emerging watch company Modify to launch his own glow-in-the-dark watch that also flashes the Mau5head logo in bright green LED on the watch face.

“It all started when Modify connected with (event promoter) Live Nation at a licensing show about a year ago,” remembered Ayo Oluwole, the watch company’s marketing director in conversation with CBS Local. “Our approach to the business has always been around creating niche products. Our whole premise is about limited edition designs. In addition to Deadmau5, we also locked in licenses with Tetris, Major League Baseball’s Player Association and a couple of others.

“While Modify watches have a broad audience that’s both young and old, men and women, we know that our sweet spot is people in their 20s and early 30s, fashionable and more expressive personalities,” Oluwole continued. “Given the take-off of EDM and how impactful it is right now, we kind of went into the meeting wanting to target Deadmau5, and Live Nation had the same thought in mind.”

The watch is currently available exclusively on website for one week through October 7 for $59.99. Starting October 8, the watches will be available at

Oluwole says the response has been really good so far, even without a massive marketing push.

“Deadmau5 has a huge following, and he’s super social. Social networking is such a major part of what he does,” added Oluwole. “He’s a really creative personality, and one of the first people you think of when you think about EDM. He wasn’t intimately involved in the design process, but he did approve our design, which was important. I know he holds everything that he puts his name on near and dear to his heart, and we appreciate that. It’s been fun to work with him.”

The most recent Deadmau5 full-length release, Album Title Goes Here (featuring his hit collaboration with My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, “Professional Griefers”) debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 200, moving an impressive 58,000 copies in its first week of availability.

–Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local


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