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Is fun. Going To Change The Band’s Name?

Showbiz Shelly watched fun.‘s soundcheck at the sold out Chicago show at the Riviera Theatre and chatted with the group about changing the name of the band, their recent appearance on SNL, being named a performer for The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live, and the true meaning of “Some Nights.”

fun. has been asked about the origin of the band’s name many times. Lead singer Nate Ruess recalled, “We were just sitting down at dinner one night with a friend who was coincidently a comedian and doing the whole ‘choose a band name’ thing, and someone said ‘ice cream.’ So, what else does that conjure up, and Jack said ‘fun.’ It took about 5 months until we were like, ‘Yeah, that’s great.'”

Why is fun. all lowercase with a period? There was a legal reason. Band member Andrew Dost jumped in and expressed his true feelings about the name saying, “I kind of want to get rid of everything now and I just want to spell it fun instead of fun with a thing at the end. I’m sick of it.”

During the middle of Hurricane Sandy, fun. was the live musical guest on SNL. They were amazed by the talent of the cast and how the show handled the situation so professionally. Nate shared, “It was a lot of ‘fun.’ It was a great time on SNL. It was during the week that Sandy hit, so it was a little scatterbrained. It was the coolest thing, with us growing up watching SNL, and that being our ultimate goal as a band to play ‘Saturday Night Live,’ but it was also amazing to see how dedicated the cast is and how all the people that work there just make the show happen.”

It was just announced that fun.will be performing at the GRAMMY Nominations concert. The group still can’t believe that all of these amazing things are happening for them. “The whole year has been so nuts that it’s hard to even focus from one thing to the other,” Jack admitted. “It all gets into this blender of ‘What the heck is happening?’ You act accordingly and just try to be as inspired as possible, which I think we’re doing a great job at. We get to play shows constantly and it’s been a wonderful year.”

Their latest single “Some Nights” has been a big hit for them, and it has different meanings for the fans. Nate explained, “That’s the great thing about it (the song). I’ve seen a lot of different stuff online, like people interpreting the lyrics. Everyone has a different reason for it. ‘We Are Young’ is interesting because everybody kind of felt the same way about what the lyrics meant. ‘Some Nights’ is different for everybody. I don’t even know what it’s about.”

Catch fun. performing during The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live on December 5 at 10PM ET/PT, 9PM CT on CBS.

-Danielle Clasing, B96 Chicago

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