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RedFoo Premieres His Debut Single “Bring Out The Bottles” On B96, Talks Carly Rae Jepsen, Will.I.Am & More

LMFAO‘s RedFoo joined The J Show this morning to premiere his new solo single “Bring Out The Bottles”! He also talked about growing up with Will.I.Am, writing songs with Carly Rae Jepsen, his current relationship with Sky Blu and more.

Did you know that he went to high school with the Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am? Red Foo shared,”Will.I.Am, was the same dude in school. He had the same haircut he has now called “The Gumby,” and he used to wear baggy pants. He was a dancer and he was the best free styler. I was a beat boxer, and we always had a connection. I actually have some recordings that I might have to dig up.”

Beside making his own music, Foo has written tracks for Pitbull and produced songs for Carly Rae Jepsen’s next album. Foo recalls the first time he ran into Carly. “I met her at the airport. She has the number one song in the country, and she was by herself with 5 bags! I was confused and I said, ‘You need some help with your bags?’ Then she looked and was like “RedFoo!’ We just talked about music and all that stuff. On the phone I said I got something for you and came with an idea, and she finished part of the idea and we finished the song mostly over the phone.”

Now that LMFAO has split, how is he dealing with being a solo act? RedFoo explained, “It’s funny because people sometimes come up and say, ‘Hey, where’s your guy Sky Blu? And I’m like ‘I don’t know, why don’t you check his Twitter?’ We don’t talk that much, but we’re definitely still family. We got nominated for a Grammy for ‘Sexy and I Know It,’ so we’re gonna be kicking it there. We’re on separate tracks, and I’m all over the world. We’re two men. We’ve got our own ideas.”

RedFoo remembers that B96 was the first station to start playing his music, and he’s very thankful. “B96, you guys have always supported RedFoo, LMFAO, Party Rock, and you hit the record the first time. You were the first to tweet me, and Flipside was like ‘Yo, I’m spinning the record.’ I got so much love from you guys. I would love to do the SummerBash.”

You heard it! Would you like RedFoo to perform at this year’s B96 Pepsi SummerBash?

Check out this pic of Showbiz Shelly with RedFoo backstage at the 2011 Jingle Bash!

(Showbiz Shelly & RedFoo backstage at the 2011 Jingle Bash)

(Showbiz Shelly & RedFoo backstage at the 2011 Jingle Bash)

-Danielle Clasing, B96 Chicago


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