Frank Ocean is looking to press charges against Chris Brown for the alleged fracas that took place at a West Hollywood parking lot on Sunday (January 27), has learned. While authorities said Chris Brown is not “wanted,” the embattled singer does have some explaining to do.

“Chris Brown is not wanted but he will be questioned,” Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed to “He’s not an outlaw. It is a misdemeanor battery case.” 

On Sunday police arrived at Westlake recording studios in West Hollywood to investigate a 9-1-1 call about the brawl. 

“There was a minor scuffle outside a recording studio over a parking space,” Whitmore explained. “We don’t know what happened, it is an ongoing investigation.” 

Mr. Whitmore also confirmed Ocean’s desire to press charges. 

“Yes he does [want to press charges]. All it means is that he wants it to go forward with the investigation.” 

There were no major injuries, according to Mr. Whitmore, “just some minor scrapes.”

While the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office was tightlipped about the details, TMZ has reported that Brown threw the first punch. Brown allegedly became enraged when Ocean didn’t shake his hand.

After the fight, Ocean tweeted that he “got jumped by Chris and a couple guys.” He followed up the tweet with more information: “Cut my finger now I can’t play with two hands at the GRAMMYs.” 

Brown responded in kind, posting pictures to his Instagram account. One of his images was a drawing of Jesus Christ on a cross with a caption that read, “Painting the way I feel today.”

While the fracas between the two singers may have come out of left field to some, the two have a history of bad blood dating back to a 2011 Twitter beef.

When Ocean was growing in popularity as a standout from the Odd Future collective, Brown sent what seemed like a complement to Ocean: “I f— with Frank Ocean! Reminds me of a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum.”  

Fauntleroy and Cossum are not popular as singers but they have made careers as songwriters. James Fauntleroy  has worked with Rihanna, Brandy and Jordin Sparks while Kevin Cossum has worked with Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige and Keri Hilson.

Judging by Ocean’s response, he apparently took offense to Brown’s shout out. 

“I Fawks wit Chris Brown,” Ocean then tweeted back, “reminds me of a young Sisquo or Ike Turner.”

The exchange set off a string of events that included Brown’s crew confronting Ocean, though no fists were thrown at that time. 

Outside of his tiff with Ocean, Brown has a long history of celebrity dustups. In June of 2012, Chris Brown and Drake were reportedly involved in a physical altercation in which bottles were thrown. Chris brown was left with a gash on his chin and several other patrons were injured. 

Meanwhile, Brown is still on probation for the infamous assault on Rihanna in 2009. 

Bystanders of all stripes will be able watch the two face-off at the 55th Annual GRAMMY awards where Brown and Ocean are competing in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category. The GRAMMYs will air on February 10 on CBS.

–Erik Parker,


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