There have been songs about “California Girls” and “Miami Girls” but Chicago girls are the best and we’re not getting any recognition!

So, we decided to shout out all the Chitown girls and give them the credit they deserve.

Here’s a list of why girls from Chicago are better than any other ladies!

Boys, let us know if you disagree!


1. They can handle the cold: Every female hates the cold. We’ve never heard a girl say “oh my god I love snow and this cold brisk weather” because we know we have to deal with it either way. Props to you females. We are superheroes for being able to walk on icy sidewalks in high heels and rocking parkas better than anyone else.

2. They love food: Hot dogs, pizza, wings, mini corn dogs – All of these above! We can’t imagine eating anything less than a salad. Enough said.

3. They know how to get around: (The city of course). Chicago has the best CTA transit system in the entire world. How can we not take advantage of the “L” and buses? Whatever it takes we’ll figure out a way to get to wherever we need to be.

4. Chicago girls are active: Whether it’s nice out or even rainy, you’ll always see girls jogging on the Chicago Lakefront Path. When she doesn’t feel like jogging, you’ll see her reading a book in the park or walking to the store (that’s considered exercising).

5. They know how to hang with the guys: If you ask any guy who has traveled, he’s always happy to come home to Chicago. Chicago girls enjoy lounging on the couch as much as the guys do. That’s a good enough reason to be dubbed the best.

6. They are down to Earth: We’re easy to get along with. Yeah, we might be bratty at times but that’s just part of our gender. Want to go out in Wicker Park? Ok. Lincoln Park? That’s cool. River North? I’ll throw some heels on. Easy.

7. They are naturally beautiful: We don’t even need to ring up stats to know that Chicago girls don’t care about plastic surgery as much as the girls in L.A. Bye.

8. They are comfortable and confident: Where else do you see chicks wearing leggings and sweatshirts to the bar and completely owning it? Our excuse is that it’s because it’s cold out. Which is a good enough reason.

9. They are sporty: Living in Chicago means you’re automatically inherited in to loving sports no matter what. Want to go to the bar and watch the Bulls game? Perfect. I’ll throw on a Joakim Noah jersey and cheer Chicago on until my voice gives out.

10. We know how to park: Say whatever you want but parallel parking is HARD. Chicago girls are born with park job skills like no other and we’re proud of ourselves whether our significant others think so or not.

11. They know good music: From Rap to EDM to Alternative to Pop to Country – don’t mess with Chicago girls when it comes to music. Also, don’t be surprised when they start spitting out lyrics to throwback songs, either.

12. Chicago is the best city therefore have the best people whether those in other cities think so or not. Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Hot Dogs, Deep Dish Pizza, Sears Tower, Skyline, the lake, Summertime, shopping, different neighborhoods with different cultures, etc. Nothing compares to Chicago.

What are we missing?


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