Living in Illinois has its perks. We’re not talking about the bi-polar weather. We’re talking about the food. Minus Chicago being the best city, we’re lucky enough to have a Portillo’s near at all times.

Let’s be serious. Whenever a friend is in from out of town and they ask about what places they need to try out, 95% of the Chicago population answers “Portillo’s!”

The other 5% are not human, clearly.

Here are our “7 times you couldn’t get enough of Portillo’s” list:

1. When you wanted a Chocolate Cake Shake
The craving is real. Once you’ve had a Portillo’s Chocolate Cake Shake, there’s no turning back. Nothing compares to that chocolatey taste. Actually, once you’ve had Portillo’s chocolate cake in general, there’s no turning back. The perfect dessert to quench those chocolately tastebuds. (Cue Pharrell – “Happy”)

2. When you craved an italian beef
Italian beef, cheese and giardiniera please. Dipped in beef sauce to ensure the entire Portillo’s experience. What more could you ask for?

3. When you wanted perfectly done cheese fries
How are you going to hit up Portillo’s and order fries without the cheese? If you order extra cheese, we love you. Cheese fries are either really good or really bad. Luckily, Portillo’s has it all down to a T. You can slowly enjoy the cheese fries without the cheese getting hard. See, we are here to help you kick that cheese fries craving.

4. When you wanted a chopped salad
When you hear the words “chopped salad” what do you think of? Portillo’s. Unless you’re an alien from out of town. Now back to the beef…

5. When you needed a break from reality
Everyone is so friendly at Portillo’s. Is that part of the hiring process? We’re pretty sure it is.

6. When you needed a good hot dog
Yes, Hot Dougs is now closed but Portillo’s isn’t. Not a hot dog fan? They’ve got the best sausage. All kinds of sausage. From char-grilled italian sausage to combo beef and char-grilled sausage. Sausage heaven. Ok and if you’re not in to hot dogs OR sausage, they also have chicken sandwiches. Who orders chicken from Portillo’s though…Bueller?

7. When you wanted to prove that you were from the midwest  
If you’re from Chicago and you haven’t been to Portillo’s, please grab your bags, put your coat on, take a break and go NOW.

Of course, Portillo’s isn’t the only good place around town. There’s an iconic restaurant in every neighborhood around here. That’s why we love you, Chicago!

What are some of your favorite places you go to for specific food cravings?



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