Remember beanie babies? Those stuffed toy collectables you probably have lying around gathering dust in your basement could make you rich.

If your anything like me, you probably told your mom that you needed to buy these Beanie Babies because they would be worth millions one day. And you weren’t necessarily wrong. Okay, they aren’t worth millions… but some are going for six figures on Ebay!!! How ridiculous is that?

Of course, the ones that are worth something are the rare, retired and in mint condition ones… so if you don’t already own these guys, chances are, they won’t be paying off your college loans.

The First-Edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby tops the list for most valuable, with one going for $350 thousand dollars…

But you can get this deal on the “ghost version.” Two for $650 thousand! What a bargain!

Beanie Baby 1

The rare Valentino Bear, 1999 Signature Bear and Millennium Bear are also worth their fare share…$95 thousand to be exact.

Beanie Baby 2

Other rare and retired Beanie Babies like this rooster are also a score. I mean, the bidding here starts at 48 thousand, but the buy it now price? $62 thousand!

Beanie Baby 3

Of course, there’s also a ton of Beanie Babies that are going for like $3…. so if you haven’t started your collection, don’t worry, you still have a chance. Although we can’t promise that they will be worth anything in the future.

Beanie Baby 4

Did you collect Beanie Babies when you were younger? Have you held onto all of them? Would you be willing to sell them?


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