By Nikki

I will admit it…I am a damn heffer with Mexican food! Chips, salsa, guacamole are my particular weakness. Oh and then there is mole de pollo, enchiladas and fish tacos!

These are the places I go in Chicago to get my Mexigrub on:

#1 spot for tacos…Zaca Tacos! I think it’s the seasoning they put on the tacos de pollo that makes it so good. Oh and the potato tacos are OMG!! There are a few Zaca Tacos around the city but I go to the two locations on Pulaski.

#1 spot for margaritas…Pl-Zen! I am a regular at this place because it’s a dope spot to hang out with friends for dinner or brunch. My favorite is the hibiscus margarita…just try it…you will love it…everyone does!!! Also the mango con chile is like a puree with hot peppers around the rim instead of salt. I usually have a few of each to go with the fish tacos that are insane good here.

#1 spot for hangover food…Nueva Leon! This place is a staple in the Pilsen neighborhood because it is the most authentic food you can find. I don’t do menudo but apparently it’s the best ever here. I get down on the chocolate chicken, enchiladas, flautas de pollo, fajita de cameron ad the frijoles are so greasy and good.

#1 spot for late night after the club…Los Comales! They have a ton of these all over the city. I just go right for the tacos de pollo and cover them in salsa. Also the cibollitas, they are grilled, greasy and damn good!

#1 spot for healthy food…Carbon! They have a Bridgeport and Pilsen location and are also always at the Taste of Chicago. You can just taste the live fire grilled lime cilantro flavor in the chicken tacos and it’s that real grill taste. The frijoles are baked not fried. Oh but they do fry up their own chips…corn and flour and once you taste the flour ones you will die!

#1 spot for seafood…El Barco! I go to this spot on Ashland when I’m craving ceviche and oysters and things. The fish comes fully intact with the face so I always request they chop it off before bringing to table. The blackberry margaritas are amazeballs too!

#1 spot for salsa…my crib! Yes…when we make salsa at my house we have to open the windows because we’re coughing so much from the peppers roasting! homemade and tons of Tupperware full of it!

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