By Lizzy Buczak

Look winter – it’s been fun but you gotta go!

Here’s a list of reasons why we’re annoyed of winter!


1.Sitting by the fireplace at bars is cool and all but we’re really missing rooftops!

2. Those days of taking a walk outside to get some air during work seem so far away.

3. Shaving is pointless because goosebumps are always THERE!

4. Showers aren’t as pleasant

5. Scarves tangle your hair

6. You’re whiter than a wall since you haven’t seen sun in a really long time.

7. The heat in your apartment/car is drying out your skin BAD

8. Hot coffee just isn’t the same as iced coffee

9. Winter blues are real. You can’t be as carefree in the cold as you are in the summer

10. You don’t really want to go anywhere “because it’s cold.” Yep, that’s the most common excuse

11. You’re sick of bundling up to stay warm and sweating when you get inside. GROSS

12. Texting with gloves on is really hard

13. Socks falling off in your UGGS is annoying

14. One word – black ice

15. Warming up your car when you don’t have a car starter SUCKS…

16. Not being able to wear lipgloss because it gets stuck to your scarf

17. Puffy annoying jackets

18. Not being able to look cute because all you can wear is oversized sweaters!

19. Dressing your dog up in a coat just so he can go pee outside

20. So much cold wind that you can’t feel your legs


21. Christmas is over so really, this whole “cold weather” mumbo is pretty unnecessary!



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