By Lizzy Buczak

Not only is today Thirsty Thursday, it’s also National Wine Day aka one of the best days on the calendar.

Usually, millenials are associated with drinking craft brews or vodka… but not me!

As a millenial, I find myself reaching for a glass of wine practically every night, especially on Thursday when Scandal is on! Olivia Pope can’t drink alone!

Now a new study reveals that I’m not the only one that likes to indulge in a glass of red or white.

Research conducted by Wine Spectator found that millenials (21-38) drink 42 percent of wine in the US!

By the numbers – there are 79 million millenials in America and we drank 159.6 million cases on wine in 2015 alone! That’s an average of 2 cases per person. (I’m not ashamed.)

Millenials also made up 30% of high frequency drinkers (or those who drink several times per week).

The average was 3.1 glasses of wine in one sitting and of those 2/3 were women. Geez, I AM THE STATISTIC!

The Baby Boomers drank 38% of wine and the Gen Xers only 20%.

Possibly the most surprising part of this whole thing was that millenials aren’t just drinking the cheap boxed wine either, we’re opting for more eclectic wines with a higher price tag.

The average cost of a bottle was $7.81…. so maybe not all that pricey after all!



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