By Lizzy Buczak

It’s the first day of fall but that isn’t stopping Chicago from almost hitting three digit temps.

For those who wanted that last taste of summer, it’s 93 degrees outside – you got it!

Here’s a list of 18 things that DEFINITELY happen when it gets really HOT outside.


1.Sweating – You sweat everywhere… even places you didn’t think you’d ever sweat in. It’s the worst on your nose and upper lip.

2. Your makeup melts off – No amount of matte foundation, setting spray or powder can keep your makeup in place. That stuff just slides right off.

3. Frizz- You try to avoid stepping outside because your hair just frizzes up instantly. Not a cute look at all.

4. You smell – No way to put it nicely but when you sweat you begin to smell and no amount of deodorant can cover it up.

5. Sweat stains – As you perspire more and more you begin to get sweat stains. The only way you don’t see sweat stains is if you wear black… but black colors and the sun? Not a good mix.

6. Chaffing becomes a thing – skin to skin contact mixed with heat means chaffing.

7. It’s too hot to eat – Every experience that? It’s so hot that you don’t even want to eat anything but you are hungry so you just need to eat something “light” like a salad.

8. AC overload – You basically become a person who jumps from AC’d room to AC’d room and even sleep with the AC and fan on. This is great and all when you’re sweaty but it sucks if you sit there for 8 hours with the thermometer set at 50 degrees. Then you become the person who carries a sweater in the 100 degree weather because your office is FREEZING.

9. Melting – You cannot leave anything outside in the hot air because it will melt no doubt about it. Ice cream = melts. Ice cubes= melt. LIPSTICK = expensive melt.

10. Bad sunburns – If you aren’t strategically laying out and tanning you’ll get horrible sunburns like on your nose, cheeks, half your arm.

11. Your dog cools down in the weirdest places – You can’t find your four-legged pet? They’re laying on the tiled floor in the kitchen or by an AC vent. Can you imagine how hot they are with all that FUR?

12. You constantly have to wash your bra – It’s all gross and sweaty. Ew.

13. You leave sweat stains behind on chairs – and worse… the CTA seats. AHHH

14. The CTA becomes all musty – And at rush hour, it gets all crammed and everyones sweat and smells begin making love and you just want to take a cold hot shower and forget this ever happened.

15. Humidity – Hot weather and humidity go hand in hand. So not only is it abnormally hot but you also CAN’T BREATHE!

16. Bugs – All those pesky critters come out when its warm… like mosquitoes.

17. You don’t know what to wear to work – It’s so hot you’d love to just wear a bikini to the office. But 1. you’d freeze with that AC and 2. it isn’t acceptable. So you have to make your way TO work in clothes that should never, ever be worn when it’s that warm outside.

18. Working on a beautiful day – Sometimes, you just want to go to the beach but instead you are stuck in the office looking at the beautiful weather. Bummer.


Here’s a list of ways to stay cool in the hot heat! 



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