By Lizzy Buczak

Let’s face it, the minute the clock strikes 12 and September rolls in, every girl turns basic.

But you know what? It’s ok. There is NOTHING wrong with liking all the basic things about fall because that’s what makes fall special.

So here are some basic things that are TOTALLY acceptable to do this fall.

We got no shame!


1. Apple Orchards

Go pick them apples like you’ve never picked ’em before. Seriously, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and if you are anything like me, you’ll need all the help you can get in the winter.


2. Pumpkin Patches

I blame the PSL for turning everything pumpkin basic. Pumpkins are anything but basic and going to pumpkin patches is an event that can be enjoyed by literally anyone at any age.


3. Flannel

Throw on a flannel shirt and you instantly look cute, even on a bad day. Plus they keep you warm and snug!


4. Uggs

Same with Uggs. Guys might hate Uggs but these babies keep my feet nice and toasty when I walk around the leafy city!


5. 13 Nights of Halloween

What’s better than coming home and watching Halloween-themed movies? I mean seriously… creepy movies, movies from your childhood. Believing in magic isn’t really something I’d call basic.

#HocusPocus #13NightsOfHalloween #13Nights #abcfamily #Halloween

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6. Caramel Apples

When else is it okay to eat apples dipped in caramel and peanuts?


7. Filtered images of trees and leaves on Instagram

If it looks pretty, you better believe I’m throwing it up on the gram so people can admire my impeccable photography skills. Nature is beautiful – share it!


8. Cider

Hot cider, cold cider, spiked cider…. so many to choose from it would be a SHAME not to try them all.

Oh I love me some #applecider #linvillaorchards2016 @linvillaorchards

A post shared by Chelli ♏️ 🦂 (@ladyhart_40) on


9. Pumpkin Scented Candles

You have to have your house smelling like fall, there’s no other way to celebrate the season. And when else are you going to enjoy pumpkin candles? It is pretty inappropriate in the summer/spring and winter months.


10. Pumpkin carving

This is called art.


11. Pumpkin Spice Lattes (SO MANY OF THEM) 

You’ve been waiting ALL YEAR for this delicious goodness. They’re only around for a limited time so get to drinking one (or 5) a day!


And take Buzzfeed’s incredible How Basic Are You During Fall quiz!

I got You’re Quite Basic which seems pretty on point!



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