Wiz was feeling inspired by the paranormal Netflix phenomenon.

By Hayden Wright

Stranger Things, Netflix’s paranormal ode to ’80s sci-fi classics, took the world by storm this summer. It was hard to escape the buzz on social media, at the bar or anywhere, really. Wiz Khalifa felt so inspired by the show’s Spielbergian aesthetic that he samples its theme song on his new track, “Stranger Things.” Wiz shared the song via Soundcloud and capitalized on the show’s built-in audience of superfans eager for any new Stranger Things content.

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The track maximizes the theme’s moody, creepy, ambient vibes and the chorus is a pretty straightforward “Stranger, stranger, stranger things” hook. Wiz knows how to generate interest for his next album, Rolling Papers 2, expected out later this year. “Stranger Things” features J.R. Donato.

Listen to Wiz’s explicit new song on Radio.com.

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