The now-deleted page inspired #ThisIsNottheEndofOneDirection

By Hayden Wright

What’s a fan community to do when the object of their fandom (let’s say a boy band) goes defunct? One Directioners have spent 2016 exploring this question, and there are several answers: Hone in on your favorite former member, track their media appearances, tweet incessantly, and breathe hope into rumors of a 1D reunion.

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This week, a mysterious tab allegedly appeared on the “events” section of One Direction’s website, titled “future events.” Fans on Twitter couldn’t resist or handle the news that the group could reunite. It was just too much.

The tab is no longer visible on the One Direction web portal, but its brief life inspired #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection. Fans shared screenshots of the evidence and were deeply disappointed when “future events” disappeared. Whether it was an honest mistake or a subtle tease from 1D management, it gave fans something to talk about.

Here are some of the best tweets #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection inspired:

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