By Lizzy Buczak

The CTA is a place where you run into some of the weirdest, most interesting people. Anyone who has ridden it will totally agree.

Some of these people just make you wonder “wtf,” but others are so annoying, you’d like to blacklist them from all public transportation.

And there’s also the fear that you might catch bed bugs on the red line. EWWWW 

Here’s a list of the worst types people who ride the train:


The people with big bags- You know who I’m talking about. These are the people that either carry their whole apartment with them everyday or are headed to the airport and place their bags on the empty seat next to them or in the aisle taking up a ton of space during rush hour. You know what the polite thing is? Hold your bag on your lap! Let other people sit down. Or sit on the edge so you aren’t blocking anyone else.

The people who sit on the aisle- Is that seat empty? Sure, I’ll just crawl over you. If you’re determined to sit on the aisle because you’re getting off soon or whatever, at least get up while the other person maneuvers into the window seat. Don’t just pull your legs to the side and hope everything goes good. That’s not how any of this works.

The people practicing to be in the circus- These guys refuse to hold anything and just fly all around the train as it makes violent stops and turns.

The people who act like they paid for the seat- These are the people who won’t move for anyone- not a pregnant woman, an elderly person, someone disabled or even children. Usually, they pretend “not to see you” or that their too busy doing something on their phone.

The people who get up AFTER the train starts moving again, but 10 minutes before their next stop- Where is the logic? If you wanted to get up, why didn’t you do it at the previous stop when we weren’t moving? And since you didn’t, why don’t you just WAIT until we get to the next stop?

The people who decide to have a full on convo- Look… I do not want to know anything about you. Please hang up the phone. I don’t care if there is 4G under the tunnels now… I don’t want to hear you.

The people who turn the train into a restaurant- Yep… the best place to eat your full course meal is definitely the train. Not only is it obnoxious, but the smell fills up the whole train and then they don’t even pick up their garbage. Ugh….

The people who STAND on both the right and left side of the escalator – I mean, they even hung up a sign that says the left side is for WALKING UP the right side is for standing. But still, people take up both sides and block traffic. Don’t be that person…. don’t.

The people who hit you in the face with a crotch or bag- You scored a seat during the busiest time of the day. Congratulations! But we’ve got some bad news, you’re sitting next to the person who literally cannot control their movements and bashes you with his/her crotch every minute. There’s also the lady with the huge bag next to you that keeps leaning over and hitting you in the head.

The people who think they’re at a concert- Either they’re listening to their music so loud, you can hear it crystal clear through their headphones or they just decided headphones weren’t necessary cause everyone would really enjoy the concert. News flash, we don’t! Plus, your poor ears!

The people who won’t move into the middle of the cart and block the doors instead – Come on bro, there’s room in the middle. Move in so more people can get on. That simple. Use the space around you, be efficient.

The people who do their makeup- First off, the lighting is horrible on the train. No one looks good in that lighting. Second of all, that it super dangerous… especially if you are putting on mascara! Please stop because every time we make a turn or come to an abrupt halt, I worry about you.

The people who block everyone else- These are the lovely people who walk in and stand right by door and then don’t get off to let other people enter and exist. Or they stand in the aisle and refuse to move further back so there’s all this unused space in the middle of the train leaving people unable to board the train.

The people who read and pay NO attention to anything happening around them- I’m sure Harry Potter is interesting. Actually, I know it is because I’ve read it. But can you please move out of my way or at least be aware that you’re not alone on this train!


If you’re one of these people, sorry, but please stop. If you aren’t, well then you were probably nodding this whole time. Isn’t using public transportation fun? Read more HERE!


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