By Amanda Wicks

For anyone who has ever seen DJ Khaled’s Snapchat account, the producer has all sorts of advice for success. And in his own code, too. Now he’s ready to bring some of those thoughtful points to readers with a new book titled The Keys, which puts some of his biggest words of wisdom into print.

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The cover features a majestic lion sitting in a bed of light pink roses and holding a large gold key in his mouth. It’s similar to Khaled’s album cover by the same name, which shows him sitting on a throne surrounded by pink roses with a lion at his feet. We can’t say we blame him for sticking with a theme here.

Inside, some of the “keys” to success Khaled shares are avoiding “They” aka the people who doubt you, and to “win, win, win no matter what,” a line from his 2010 single “All I Do is Win” featuring Ludacris, T-Pain and more.

Otherwise, here are some of the teaser “keys” Penguin Random House shared:

– Don’t ever play yourself
– Secure the bag
– Respect the code
– Glorify your success
– Don’t deny the heat
– Keep two rooms cooking at the same time

The Keys will be available November 22.

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