By Lizzy Buczak

Pretty Little Liars hasn’t been the same since Charlotte DiLaurentis died, so it only makes sense that they’re bringing her back, right?

Wrong? How are they bringing back a dead girl????

Well, remember this one tidbit we were all taught while watching the seven season – don’t believe anything until you see a dead body. And even if you do see a dead body (Mona) don’t believe it.

Vanessa Ray, the actress who plays Charlotte, told Us Weekly that her character might still have some mischievous tricks up her sleeve before the shows series finale.

“I have been keeping up with the show, and you might see my face soon. I love getting to be around that crew and the lovely cast,” she said. No word if she’ll be coming back in dreams, visions or in a memory.

She also thanked show creator I. Marlene King for giving her the role, “I feel like she put me on the map single-handedly.”

Ray also gave her insight on who might be the final “A” –  “I think it’s going to be Aria,” she says. “I think like early in the early days, she just kind of had the most to lose. She was hurt the most by the antics that ‘A’ put her through, so that’s why I think she might be the one that’s coming back to get them all.”

As for how the ending, she’d really like it burn to the ground.

“I hope they burn Rosewood down. I hope they just take a match. I really hope there is a slo-mo montage of them walking away with sunglasses on or something.”

Yeah, we’d kind of love that too Vanessa.

The final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars begins in April 2017.



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