By Lizzy Buczak

When you’re watching the debate, you are HOPEFULLY focusing on the issues at hand and what each candidate is answering/proposing.

But considering this is an unique election (we’ll leave it at that), we cannot blame you for indulging in some hilarious viral memes and moments.

I mean, something had to break the tension last night right?



Viral Moment #1 = Donald the creeper

While Hillary proposed ways to make the Affordable Care Act more affordable, Donald stood RIGHT behind her with a mean muggin’ expression.

The internet had a field day:



Viral Video #2 – Donald Cheating 

At one point, Donald copped a look at Hillary’s notes and it def reminded us of that kid in math class who wouldn’t stop looking at our test paper.


Viral Moment #3 – Red sweater man “Kenneth Bone”

Undecided voter Kenneth Bone was the winner of last nights debate. Bone asked the candidates an energy question last night, but viewers were focus on one thing only – his red sweater, his glasses and his overall appearance. Heck, there’s even articles letting you know WHERE you can buy Bone’s sweater. The fact that he said his red sweater was Plan B because he “split the seat of my pants wide open” right before is even better. This guy is the HERO we need.


Viral Moment #4 – Mean muggin’ Karl Becker

This American legend was literally all of us watching the debate… that face, that frown, that WTF look. He was literally not having ANY of it.


Viral Moment #5 – The Fly

No, that wasn’t a fly buzzing around your apartment. That was a fly in the debate room and it landed SMACK dab on Hillary Clinton. Many people tweeted that they were swatting it until they realized it was actually in the TV. Fly for President.


And if you want a serious recap on the debate, CLICK HERE!





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