By Lizzy Buczak

You would think that the rules of the CTA are pretty simple – wait for the train to pull into the station, step inside when the doors open, grab a seat or hold onto the railing.

Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo.

A video, appropriately titled “CRAZY ASS, uploaded to Youtube by Michael Neas and posted to Reddit, shows a man hanging onto the outside of a MOVING Red Line train.

I mean, WHAT?

Take a look:

Here’s how this could be dangerous:

  1. you could FALL OFF
  2. you could get stuck in a tunnel
  3. you could collide with a wall

The CTA issues a comment to Chicagoist who first picked up the video writing,

The CTA is aware of the incident, is working to identify the individual, and will pursue appropriate charges. Any reports of this kind of reckless activity are taken seriously and are fully investigated. Actions like this are extremely foolhardy and display an astonishing lack of common sense and judgment. This is not only illegal, but dangerous not just to the person involved but other passengers as well. Incidents like this can have tragic consequences for not only the individual, but for other CTA customers and employees.


Hopefully he wasn’t hurt but please, for the love of everything holy, don’t do stupid things like this.



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