By Lizzy Buczak

*Booking a trip somewhere tropical from Dec to April*

Chicago winters are brutal, there’s no denying. Every few years we’re blessed with a mild and tolerable winter but for the most part, it is a fricking tundra and no matter how thick, fluffy and long your coat is, you freeze… every single body part freezes.

Sadly, this year is not our lucky year.

Early predictions say the winter will be long and bitter.

A recent AccuWeather forecast predicts “it will feel like an extended winter” for regions between the northern plains and the upper East, including the Midwest.

Predictions also say we should expect “shots of brutally cold air” and “developing snowpack in early December”

“Temperatures will plummet as the season goes on, averaging 6 to 9 degrees lower overall than last winter,” the forecast reads.

Some portions of the Midwest regions can drop as low as 20 or 30 below zero.

And that cold will come quickly…. think November.

That’s it, we’re hibernating.





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