Minaj plays multiple roles in the new clip.

By Alisha Jackson

In a hysterical spoof video of Nicki Minaj’s Marie Claire November cover shoot, Creative Director Nina Garcia reiterates that the rapper isn’t just the boss of her own empire — she’s the boss of everything.

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The video kicks off with Nicki Minaj taking photos of Nicki Minaj, and telling her(self) “you are the most brilliant supermodel I’ve ever met in my life.”

“Everybody knows Nicki is the boss,” Garcia tells the camera. “Everybody knows Nicki runs every little aspect of her empire.” “On our shoot today, she has literally been doing everything,” Garcia adds, as the video cuts to Nicki doing Nicki’s makeup.

Nicki may be a little biased toward Nicki, but that doesn’t mean she’s easy on herself. Watch the full video below to see the rapper flip out on her diva self at the end.

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