By Lizzy Buczak

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume this year? You might want to avoid some of the most common costumes.

According to local store reps, clown costumes have jumped 300% in sales since the “clown epidemic” started.

Not to worry though, most of the clown costumes are being bought by those 16 to 25 years old that are into the “bad boy” image.

Other hot selling items include Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn for girls and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for adults 35 and older.

In fact, after 11 years at the top, princess costumes have been DETHRONED as the most popular Halloween costume among children.

The National Retail Federation says the new title goes to Superheroes. 

Store reps say the Avengers are really popular this year but have noticed a huge spike in “female superhero” costumes, especially Supergirl. We can definitely credit The CW show for that.

The superhero surge isn’t surprising considering this has been a year of superhero movies/TV shows –  Deadpool, Suicide Squad, X-Men: Apocalypse, Batman and Superman all took on the big screen.

But more importantly, America has never been in more dire need of real superheroes to protect us from clowns and the presidential election.

So while half the population is dressing up as clowns and mischievous villains like Joker, Quinn and Deadpool and Trump, the other half is putting on the cape and gearing up to protect us all.

I’d say that’s a pretty good balance.

Click HERE if you’re looking for a unique pop-culture inspired Halloween costume! 




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