By Lizzy Buczak

Supergirl may have moved to a new home on The CW but it didn’t skip a beat. The problems plaguing National City are all still very familiar, but they’re taken to new heights and require double the amount of superheroes!

We pick up the second season right where the first one left off – a pod from Krypton lands on Earth and Kara opens it to find a teenage man inside. She’s not quite sure who he is or how he got there so the DEO, which has a new facility just a block away from Alex’s apartment, is keeping him under observation while he is unconscious.

But that isn’t the only new Kryptonian in town! We finally get to meet Kara’s cousin, the famous Superman! Supergirl and Superman come together to save the Vulture, a spaceship that malfunctions on its way into space. Clearly the only way to introduce what I’d like to call Kara #2 is with something as big as saving a spaceship from bursting into smithereens.

Everyone is smitten with Clark Kent and you cannot blame them, he is a STUD! But that’s all put on hold when Winn, who is working for the DEO,  finds out that the missing passenger on the spaceship was Lex Luthor’s sister.

Superman and Lex Luthor have quite the history if you aren’t aware. The Man of Steel is actually the reason Luthor’s in prison so clearly, his sister would have motives for the attack and Superman is here to uncover the truth. However Lana Luthor swears that she had nothing to do with the explosion, despite a parent company creating the engine that blew up in the ship. Kent might not believe her story about how she was adopted and wants to create a name for herself outside of the evil Luthor created, but Kara has a hunch she isn’t lying.

Turns out, Kara’s got good instincts because Winn realizes the bomb was placed RIGHT UNDER Lana’s seat, meaning she wasn’t responsible, someone was trying to take her out. The question is who? It’s not long before the man responsible reveals himself using some pretty impressive drone-like machine guns to kill Lana. Superman and Supergirl arrive on the scene just in time to save her but obviously in National City, that’s expected and Corben reveals that he’s placed multiple detonators around the city.

The superheroes are able to save Lana and the city and it leads to another big showdown during a press conference in which Lana announces she’s changing the company name from Luthor to L Corp. We find out Corben is working under strict orders from Luthor… yes, the man is so deranged he ordered to kill his own sister. Thankfully, Lana is also kind of a badass and shoots Corben before can do anymore damage.

Unfortunately the tricky thing about being a hero is that you can’t actually kill your enemies. Corben is transported to a hospital where he’s stolen by a woman working for Cadmus, who is pure evil and gives him a second life as a soldier named Metallo. In the DC comic books, Metallo is depicted as a cyborg with a kryptonite power source, which is his number one weapon against Superman. In this case, it makes sense that Superman and J’onn are in a disagreement because the alien has been holding on to “krytonite,” which is pretty much the only thing that can kill Kara and Clark. This new addition of villains will propel the story forward hopefully in a more intriguing way than last seasons Astra.

Much to J’onn’s dismay, Clark Kent has decided to stick around National City because well, he really enjoys spending time with family and people “like him.” Part of me is a little upset that the show felt the need to bring in a male counterpart to help Supergirl be the best version of herself. She seemed to struggle quite a lot in season 1 with finding the strength to be the hero the city needed. Now, it seems like she’s got it down only because her stronger, male cousin is by her side. I don’t want the message to be “Kara can’t do it cause she’s a girl,” you know? Also, if they’re supposed to be made of steel, why do they need each other to hold down a spaceship? You’d think both would be able to do it on their own.

Season 1 focused on Kara learning to embrace Supergirl, but it seems season 2 will be more Supergirl learning to be Kara. As Clark said, both are equally important. Kara needs that life balance and she’s torn now suddenly, she’s no longer struggling at work, pining for love and failing as a superhero. In fact, she has everything she’s ever wanted – Cat Grant offered her ANY job she wants at Catco, she’s dating James Olsen and being Supergirl is a breeze because she’s found her purpose. So what gives?

Who knew Cat would be the one person to save Kara from herself? While she seemed like the human villain last season, she’s actually carved out quite a beautiful friendship with Kara. Turns out, she’s always believed in her assistant because since day 1, she saw a part of herself in her, albeit the badly dressed version.

After Cat’s motivation speech about jumping right in despite the fear of coming out as a new and unfamiliar version of yourself, Kara finally decided what her next steps were – she was going to be a reporter just like her cousin, digging up the truth and telling stories with the journalistic integrity of a superhero. It may have been a surprising discovery to Kara but Cat already knew it… she was just waiting for Kara to make the leap. I’m loving this new bond and hope that the show won’t cut any Cat screen-time – she’s a breath of fresh air and indadvertedly a mentor to Supergirl. However I do wonder what’s been keeping her in a funk lately? Also loving the addition of her new assistant Miss Teschmacher, who was a supporter of both Luthor and Superman in the DC comics and even referred to as Luthor’s gf. Will this play into the story somehow?

Kara’s career won the battle this week and the big loser was Jimmy Olsen, It’s safe to say that any “romantic relationship” for these two has been destoryed, which is kind of upsetting since not too long ago, Kara wanted nothing more than to be his girl. But Jimmy noticed something was off and Kara knew it deep down too – they’re better as friends. Hopefully the season will change Kara’s mind on that because I really do think Jimmy would be good for her and wouldn’t be the type of guy to get “mad” that she had to make a mad dash out of their dinner date to you know, save the world. I’d also be pissed to see Kara start up a relationship with Winn right after basically forcing James to break up with Lucy.

Also, what happened to her? Will we be seeing more of her? I’m assuming so as she’ll probably be on hand to help J’onn, Alex, Supergirl and Superman find out what really happened to Mr. Danvers!


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