By Lizzy Buczak

If you thought it was hard to stay up watching the Cubs games, imagine what it is like for 8-year-old fan Lily Klosowski.

Unlike an adult who can stay up, drink coffee in the AM and stroll into work late (you know you did), Lily has a strict 7:30/8pm bedtime she has to adhere to.

Therefore, the games that start at 7pm or 8pm are really a no-go for her. And you can’t really blame her for wanting to see their 108-year World Series drought come to an end right?

But the suburban Plainfield resident had a really great idea…. she decided to contact MLB Commissioner himself and ask that the games start earlier.

She wrote Rob Manfred a letter explaining her dilemma and her proud parents obviously posted it on FB.

This is what her note says.

“I really love watching the Cubs games. But I have to go to bed at 7:30 or 8:00. Could you please put some of the Cubs games on at later than 4:00 or earlier than 7:00? Thanks!”

No word yet on whether Klosowski will mail the letter or hope that Manfred somehow, someway sees it when it goes viral online. I’d be betting the latter.

We’re rooting for you Lily!


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