By Lizzy Buczak

With all these TV shows filming in Chicago, we need to have a conversation about etiquette.

Especially after an extra who claims to have worked on the set of Chicago P.D accused actress Sophia Bush of getting people fired from set for talking to the cast.

It all started after Bush tweeted about Donald Trump firing a contests on the The Apprentice for “locker room talk,” an excuse he used after a video of him making degrading comments about women surfaced.

The Twitter user replied to Bush writing, “You’ve gotten people fired for less than that. You gotten people fired for just saying hi to you on set.”

Bush wasn’t going to let that comment slide and responded,  “you’re very strange. No one gets fired for saying ‘hello,’ anywhere, any place. PS The guys I work with? 99.99% awesome dudes.”


The user continued saying that “Its not insane. I’m not talking while on set. If they said hi to you even in the Lunch Catoring Line? They would still be fired.”

Bush explained that cast and crew always eat in separate locations from the extras. (Check out how she made light of the situation)

As for getting in trouble for talking to the cast, well in fact, when you apply to become an extra with Tail Sticks Casting, they tell you one of the BIGGEST rules on set is to not talk to the cast.

Why? Well simple – the actors are at work and often times in character. The shows they film are emotionally heavy so their headspace is in whatever their characters are dealing with at the time.

That isn’t to say you’ll never be able to chat with your fave actor or get a picture. If the actors speak to you first, you’re definitely allowed to answer and chat a little bit.

Honestly, I’ve been an extra on many of the Chicago shows including PD, Chicago Med and Empire and every single show has a “no talking on set” rule because as Bush explained, “when 100 extras are talking, the crew can’t hear each other.”

One time when I was on set, the director literally yelled at a bunch of extras who were getting really rowdy while he was trying to figure out the best way to set up a scene. He couldn’t concentrate and the extras were distracting.

It all goes back to etiquette and remembering that you are there to do a job, just like everyone else, not to fawn over celebrities…  seeing them is just the perk.

I’ve also never met Sophia, but I’ve heard that she is a sweet, kind-hearted human being, so I’m sure if she could stop and take a picture, she would. And if you approached her during a break, she would NOT get your fired.

“We try to take photos when we can,” Bush once told Chicago Tribune. “We try to stop and say hello, as long as by doing so we are not holding up the 100+ crew members waiting for us on the set to film.

In fact, during this altercation, many fans posted pics they’ve taken with her on set, proving that upset extra wrong.

So please, be respectful on set and don’t let it get to your head.

Click HERE if you want to learn about being an extra. 





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