The clip has the feel of a first-person shooter video game.

By Amanda Wicks

Rather than create a visual that somehow reflected his second single’s lyrics, The Weeknd and team instead decided to extract the chorus from “False Alarm,” and build a bizarre, violent and action packed video that revolves around a bank robbery.

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Directed by Ilya Naishuller, the video feels like a first-person shooter video game, as viewers are thrust into the lead role throughout the entire running time. In that position, viewers help a team of robbers make off with hundreds of thousands in cash. As they finish grabbing their loot, they take a young girl hostage, who gets caught up in the bloody turmoil that follows.

Throughout the mayhem that occurs as the police close in on the robbers, people get shot, bombs go off and cars crash into one another. It’s an action packed video sequence that has the look of being shot in one long take. At the end, the lead character’s identity (the person viewers have been “playing” all this time) is finally revealed, but it doesn’t end well. Watch to find out who and how.

“False Alarm” appears on The Weeknd’s upcoming third studio album Starboy, which arrives November 25th.

Warning: the video contains scenes of intense violence. Watch it on

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