By Lizzy Buczak

Gross. Gross. Gross.

The Today Shows Jeff Rossen and his team ventured out to the top 3 cities in the US to see which of them had the dirtiest public transportation system.


First up New York.

While the bus handles had nearly double the amount of normal bacteria, the taxi’s passed the test and the subway came back with a reading of 31.

31/100 is pretty clean if you ask us.


Next up, Los Angeles. 

The metro was just as dirty as the New York bus and it only got worse from there.

The bus pole scored a 259…. and they didn’t even want to tell us about the cabs.  Ew.


Lastly, sweet home Chicago. 

We THOUGHT Chicago was going to pass the test….. but we were dead wrong.

A CTA bus scored a 730 out of 100…. that’s 7 times the recommended threshold.

Oh but it DEF gets worse.

A taxi scored a rating of 909 and the L train scored 4,032.

Oh my god.

NBC Medical contributor Dr. John Torres said that all you have to do is “touch the pole, you wipe your nose, you wipe your eye, you don’t even think about it, bam, you’re sick.”

I take the Blue Line every single day so I’m seriously surprised I’m only sick every other week.

Clean up Chicago.



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