By Nikki

Sia is in complete control of her life and how we see her. She has figured out how to have her cake and eat it to. Sia is banking like an A list artist but can still shop at Target because we wouldn’t recognize her without that wig and bow over her face.

Her #NostalicForThePresent Tour had excellent supporting acts Aluna George and Miguel who each hold their own on stage and with their fan bases.

Sia’s concert is like no other pop concert we have ever seen before. She stands on the side of the stage, under a wig and spotlight with just a mic the entire performance. Her vocal quality is absurdly delicious. She reminded us she is a #1 hit song writer for other artists when she slayed Rihanna’s ‘Diamond’ in a way that Rihanna never could.

She did a stripped down piano acoustic version of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’ that had every audience member singing along in way where we really felt they lyrics like never before.

The real show is the artistic modern interpretation dance from her famous 14 year old spotlight stealer Maddie Ziegler. Maddie is the dancer that is featured in Sia’s videos and performs with her everywhere. You might also recognize her from ‘Dance Moms’. She had a few other dancers in similar style to Maddie, all acting out the lyrics and meanings of the songs through dance. There was a big screen on each side of the stage that had a pre-recorded version of the entire show. The dancers were 100% on point in every move and facial expression of the video. There were a few added extra illusions like when SNL star Kristen Wiig appeared on the screen. The audience went crazy thinking she was also on stage but that was Maddie emulation her every pre-recorded move. The crowd was ecstatic non the less.

Sia stayed in place on stage with no costume changes until she came back out for her encore song ‘The Greatest’. She wore a flowy rainbow dress and spoke a quick thank you to Chicago before she left.

In between each song we heard psychopathic like voices in your head mumblings. This was the most uniquely creative pop concert ever. Sia is a brilliant genius who is having it all her way. The one and only downfall to this show was that Sia couldn’t see her audience dancing and singing and screaming and loving every second of her show under the big wig.


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