By Lizzy Buczak

After months of waiting, we finally dealt with the emotional repercussions of Michael’s shooting.

We pick things up right after Jane and Michael’s wedding night. They’re honeymoon is just about to start. It’s supposed to be the happiest moment of their lives. When Michael doesn’t return from getting ice however, Jane begins to worry and her world comes crashing down when she finds him shot and bleeding out on the floor of the Marbella. “Somebody help,” she yells panicked as tears roll down her face.

Everything that happened following the shooting is a bit hazy for Jane, who did not expect to be spending her wedding night praying that her husband makes it out of surgery alive. The realization that sometimes, there is no happy ending begins to sink in. Could she just do what she does when she reads her books and fast forward to the end? Unfortunately, this wasn’t a romance novel, it is a telenovela. A thought dawned on me during this episode that I’ve never realized. What if we’re really watching a telenovela that Jane’s written? Each episode is a chapter in the book and the narrator is setting the scene for us. We’re a part of Jane’s imagination, which would make sense, because half of the things that happen are not realistic.

Anyways, while Jane patiently waits in the hospitals, the narrator takes up back to where it all started – Jane’s 21st birthday where she met Officer Cordero for the first time. Up until now, we’ve only seen Jane’s magical kiss with him in the “snow.” What we didn’t know is that she was already caught up in a sort of love triangle when she met him and their beginnings weren’t completely smooth.

The night after their magical kiss, Jane’s 17-month long crush Sam, stopped by and finally asked her out on a date. Jane took Xo’s advice, which is obviously a big mistake, and bailed on Michael to go out on a date with Sam. Much to her surprise, Michael showed up at her house with homemade chicken noodle RIGHT as she got in the car with Sam and pulled them over for an “illegal U-turn” to prove a point and give Jane the soup. Michael knew what he was doing, getting in her head. After the date, she spent all her time obsessively stalking his Facebook. She was hooked and the next day, she visited him at work to apologize for lying and ask for a second chance under the “honesty only” policy. Clearly, Jane doesn’t know that sometimes you can be TOO honest and telling Michael that she’d like to pursue other partners, like Sam, pushed Michael over the edge. Instead of “making up” the two got into a name-calling fight in the parking lot and figured that they’d never see each other again.

Except Michael is a fighter and he never gave up on Jane. After the fight, he went to her house and told her that if she wanted to date Sam, she could but he was going to fight for what they had. They kissed and the rest was history.

Just like Michael never gave up on Jane, she wasn’t about to give up on him now. When the doctor broke semi-bad news to Jane and Michael’s mother they were thrilled but all good news comes with bad news.  He was either going to heal by himself and risk becoming paralyzed from the waist down or Jane could authorize a tricy surgery to try to remove the bone fragments and reduce the swelling from his back.

His mother, who isn’t a huge fan of Jane and made rude remarks all throughout the episode, was adamant that they let Michael rest. But Jane knew one thing – Michael would want the surgery. So as his wife, she made the final call and well, saved his life. This was probably the first time that I ever rooted for Jane and Michael’s love story, Jane envisioning their future together and seeing them as an cat couple really made me tear up. However I do think that Michael’s recovery was a bit rushed. His injuries were life threatening at the beginning of the episode, so I was kind of upset that he woke up all peachy. But if I’m following through on my theory than that means this is Jane’s story cause she’s a sucker for a happy ending.

Thankfully, Michael remembers everything from the night he was shot and tells the detective that his partner, Susanna was the shooter. What he doesn’t know is that Susanna was actually Rose in disguise. Never fear thought, the cops will put two and two together, especially after Rafael pointed out that he knew exactly who left the powdered sugar residue in the hallway, which they initially believed was cocaine. Rose!!! Cha-ching. We also find out that Rose kidnapped Louisa, who woke up clueless inside a submarine somewhere. O lord.

Not getting her happy ending anytime soon in Petra, who is paralyzed and immobile in the hospital. Except no one knows it’s Petra, they all think the dark haired girl laying there unable to do anything is Anezka. You see Anezka and Magda came up with some villainous plot to inject Petra with a serum that pretty much paralyzes her from head to toe. Anezka dyed her hair blonde and assumed Petra’s life, even sleeping with Rafael the night of the shooting. The only problem? Petra’s injection wears off every 6 hours and when she’s held up with the police looking through footage, she panics that her sister will wake up.

Meanwhile, Petra takes advantage of her returning body motions and tries to call for her, especially from Jane, who is at the same hospital. Unfortunately, she’s unsuccessful and this could only get much worse because Anezka tells Raf her plan is to move her sister to the house so she could “take care of her.” It seems like Raf’s safe until he tells her that after they slept together, he realized there was no longer a spark between them. That pisses off Anezka who declares that she will take Rafael down as well. I just can’t wait till she slips up and someone catches on. Also, where are Petra’s babies?

And speaking of babies, Xo finally tells Rogelio that she’s pregnant with Esteban’s baby. After a brief freak out, he tells Xo that he’ll be there for her no matter what but she assures him she didn’t want a baby with him and she’s not going to have one with Esteban. But I have a feeling the baby will turn out to be Rogelio’s and she’ll keep it. What’s a show about pregnancy without someone pregnant every season right?

What did you think of the emotional season 3 premiere of Jane the Virgin?


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