By Lizzy Buczak

Supergirl might be good at saving the world but she’s really bad at being a reporter and dealing with change.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to take herself too seriously because she was having a blast saving National City with her co-hero, Superman. I mean they were having #TooMuchFun, which obviously meant, things were about to take a very drastic turn.

Cue Metallo, Cadmus’s new super villain with a heart of Kryptonite, which easily harms both Supergirl and Superman and gifts us with iconic scene of Superman carrying Supergirl, except that she thankfully doesn’t die. At the DEO, Superman throws a complete fit because he warned J’onn about the dangers of holding onto Kryptonite and he finds out that a few months ago, someone stole a shipment of  it, which is now being used against them. Both of them have good points – as the head of the DEO and someone whose planet was completely wiped out, J’onn never wants to be left defenseless. But Superman can’t really be part of an organization that holds the one weapon that can destroy him. It’s a very thin line to walk. The only person that’s really enjoying this showdown is Winn, who is really living out all of his hopes and dreams with his newfound position. Even better, he gets to create Superman’s new “suit” equipped with Kryptonite shields. Go Winn.

Superman, the man that can do no harm and is really good to look at, is not only causing tension at the DEO, he’s also fueling a sisterly battle between Kara and Alex. After Kara finds out that Ms. Grant has decided to take a leave of absence from CatCo (more on that later), she decides that she’s going to move to Metropolis and help Superman fight crime there. Alex is obviously upset when she hears about this and Kara adds fuel to the fire when she says that she loves being around Clark because “he’s the only one that understands her.” Alex points out that he’s actually the one that abandoned her and she risked her WHOLE LIFE protecting Kara.

While Kara is starting her first, and unsuccessful, day as a reporter at CatCo, Alex decides to take her mind off of everything and find the mole within the DEO that’s been stealing kryptonite and supplying Cadmus with it. With Winn’s techy gadgets, Alex finds out that it was Agent McGill. When she tries to corner him, she comes face to face with the evil leader of Cadmus, who acknowledges that she’s keeping her father captive and even tries to convince Alex that he’s been helping their efforts in an attempt to recruit her. Obviously refuses because she’s not stupid and the leader orders her men to kill her. Alex isn’t one to go down without a fight and despite their argument, Supergirl gets there just in time to save her life cause that’s what sister’s do.

Supergirl realizes that to defeat the two Metallo’s created by Cadmus, they are going to have to keep up the divided front. When the two Metallo’s strike in both National City and Metropolis, they won’t be expecting Supergirl and Superman to have backup. The plan works with J’onn teaming up with Superman and Alex joining Supergirl to defeat the villains. The leader of Cadmus accepts the loss but promises this is just the beginning. Bring it lady.

After all the fun comes to an end, Superman decides that it’s time to go home. I’d say this isn’t goodbye, it’s more of a see you later because it seems like Metropolis isn’t a long flight for the supernatural alien so I expect he’ll be coming to check up on his cousin now that they’ve formed this bond. Plus, J’onn gave him all the leftover kryptonite but I don’t think Clark is dumb enough to destroy it all in the off-chance that they have to face another villain from their planet. Speaking of, when he leaves, Kara pays a visit to Mon-El in the infirmary and he comes to life and grabs her by the throat. Is he dangerous? We’ll see next week but I mean if The Vampire Diaries was any indication, he’s definitely going to be trouble.

And as we mentioned before, the worst thing happened – Cat Grant announced that she’s leaving to “dive,” “take a leap of faith” and “try new things”… all phrases she used last week to push Kara into choosing her new path at the company. There was also some foreshadowing when she told Kara that she’d done “all she could at CatCo.” I don’t find that to be necessarily true since off-screen we know Calista Flockhart was reportedly only returning in a “limited role” after the show switched filming locations due to a new network. But still, you have every right to be depressed considering Cat is literally the force that drives not only Supergirl but Kara.

Does she know Supergirl and Kara are the same person I wondered when Supergirl paid her a goodbye visit? I think so. I would never underestimate Cat and since she’s been able to get such a good reading on Kara as a human, I’m sure she has her inklings that she’d rather leave unsaid. She’s built this wonderful relationship with both personas – she built up Supergirl as the hero National City needed and she continues building Kara as the courageous and successful person she was meant to be.

She didn’t leave without helping Kara with one last problem – standing up to her boss. When Kara picked her job as a reporter, she thought it would come easily. Turns out her boss Snapper Carr wasn’t a fan of her because he thought she was entitled and had no experience as a reporter. In fact, he refused to give her a chance when she missed the editorial meeting – a huge no no if you’re trying to make it in any newsroom. Kara turned to Cat, who refused to go talk to her new boss for her telling her to “toughen up” and “stand on her own.” With Cat leaving, the hand holding stopped. If I told you during season 1 that despite her mean demeanor, Cat would open up and warm up to Kara, you’d call me crazy. Now, I’m definitely sure we’ll all miss the Kara/Cat moments, but they’ll be that much sweeter when she does guest-star to drop some successful woman wisdom on us.

As for Cat’s temporary replacement, the honor went to Jimmy Olsen! How awkward is that – Kara’s ex is now her new boss. He definitely will bring a new vibe to CatCo but his heart is in the right place and that’s all that matters, especially in National City. Does this mean he’ll be even more out of the loop on Supergirl drama?



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