"Joanne" is also her middle name.

By Radio.com Staff

This week, Lady Gaga will release her fifth studio album, Joanne, named after her father’s late sister, the aunt she never knew.  Joanne is also her middle name; it was a tribute to celebrate the life of her aunt, who died at 19 from lupus.

The album, however, is not a downer. In fact, “Perfect Illusion,” the lead single, is a get-off-your-seat-and-dance club banger co-written by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. Gaga credits Parker as the “musical genius” behind the track. The song debuted at No. 1 on iTunes in 60 countries.

“I didn’t anticipate how deep it was gonna run in terms of emotionally,” Gaga tells Radio.com. “I also didn’t anticipate that it would be able to run that deep and then also have songs that both ran that deep and are fun and bombastic and different, brave, exciting.”

For the past few months, fans and media alike besieged the singer with questions about the new album.

“’Are you gonna do a stripped-down album? Are you gonna be at the piano? Are you gonna do something like this?’ And this is not me going, ‘Oh, this is the real me. The whole time it’s been costumes, and now here I am.’ This is just me at thirty, right now, where I am in my life and in my career. And I didn’t expect for the album to be as personal but still dynamic and fun as it is.”

“And I have my team of guys that I worked with it on, and Florence [Welch, who she collaborated with], to thank for that, because it just became something that’s really special to me. I really love it. I’m really very proud of it,” says Gaga; other contributors including Beck, Josh Homme, Mark Ronson and her producer BloodPop.

The six-time GRAMMY Award winner appears to have had her fill of celebrity activities. “I belong in the studio playing music. I don’t belong on red carpets. I don’t know that people really know that about me, because of probably my outfits and what I’ve worn in the past. But that’s just what I wanted to do then.”

It’s clear that when Gaga is in the studio, magic happens.

Joanne is in stores Friday, October 21.

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