By Lizzy Buczak

It’s finally time for Chanel-o-Ween, an annual holiday taken straight out of Taylor Swift’s playbook. Every year, Chanel surprises her “pathetic” fans with presents, but this Chanel-O-Ween, Chanel wasn’t as generous as usual. Can you blame the girl fro trying to “pretend” to like her fans when she just LOST her fiancee? Nope. Instead she sent them all horrible gifts she found at the morgue with really mean-spirited notes and guess what, her worshippers are still jumping for joy at getting “whore hearts.” Yes, this is Scream Queens secretly making fun of societies obsession with celebrities.

The Halloween-themed episode saw Chanel literally turn blue after losing Chad Radwell…. although that caused by Dr. Brock’s and not Chanel’s grief. Or maybe she turned blue because she found out her “Chaddy” didn’t leave her all his wealth. Right before his death he signed it over all his money, and his families money, who apparently died in a plane crash on their way to stop Chad’s wedding, to Dean Munsch and the C.U.R.E Institute.  Why would Chad care so much about C.U.R.E? I sure don’t think it’s cause he was boning Munsch…. but it does make her look like a prime suspect.

And if it was because he was boning her, he probably should have left something to his on-again, off-again role playing side-piece Denise, who pretended not to be affected by his death, but broke down when she was left alone with his hard, dead body. She vowed to find out who did this to him by stealing Chanel’s wedding dress and pretending to be Ms. Chad Radwell because logic. You’d think the one that got her training at Quantico – the real place and the TV show – would have it together but nope. That’s why I’m not surprised their “plan” to find out who the Green Meanie was completely failed.

The only person who really knows who the killer is is Hester. No one was dumb enough to take her deal and let her out for one night to attend the Halloween party, except for Denise, who was desperate to find Chad’s killer. She literally let out a SECOND PSYCHO KILLER who is clearly in cahoots with the first one. And she played right into Hester’s hand, telling her about their plan to throw a huge Halloween bash, similar to the one the night of the massacre, to lure out the killer.

While the group is preparing for he Halloween party, Hester warns the Green Meanie, who creates a distraction – poisoning a whole group of partygoers with a drug that causes hallucinations and vomiting. No one will be able to “figure out” who the killer is with a room full of patients, which means, Hester and Green Meanie can continue their killing spree fun.

While Zayday, Dr. Brock and Dr. Cassidy look for the cause of this outbreak, Chanel and Denise bring out the Ouija board to try to contact Chad and find out two important things – who he loved more and who killed him. Surprisingly, they are successful and Chad even inhabits Denise’s body as a ghost to chat with Chanel where he tells her about how fun heaven is, that Jesus is his golf buddy and that he definitely liked Denise more than her. Before he gets to the part about who killed him, they’re interrupted by Zayday, but he did say it was someone “unexpected.” Take that with a grain of salt though, this is Chad we’re talking about…. I wouldn’t expect him to expect anything.

Hester ditches the Jason mask Denise gave her and dresses up as something MUCH scarier – Ivanka Trump. Chanel #5 doesn’t heed Chanel’s warning and comes to the party anyways only to get stabbed by both the Green Meanie and Ivanka Trump. But unlike with most of his victims, the Green Meanie leaves Chanel #3 alive to BLEED out. If you want to kill someone, you would make sure they’re dead right? Not give them the chance to make it out alive… twice. Unless the Green Meanie is someone who actually cares about Chanel #3 like for instance the one of the other two Chanel’s?

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was Chanel. She hates #5 enough to stab her, she did threaten to kill her if she came to the party and she def wanted to inherit Chad’s wealth. Killing him would make sure of that right? Plus, she does seem to hate CURE. But the dead giveaway for Chanel? The Green Meanie’s Halloween victim was none-other than Denise Hemphill herself. She asked for it by letting out Hester tbh!

The Greanie used electro-shocks to kill Denise and reunites her with Chad in heaven. Don’t be mistaken, Scream Queens is not afraid of killing off anyone, including their best cast members, because well, they can. NO ONE IS SAFE… not even the show, from lost ratings. Let me explain:

You would think that all the killing would make the show suspenseful and interesting however but I find myself getting kind of bored. The recipe is still the same – the witty zingers, the outrageous fashion, the hard to believe story line. But there’s something missing…. there’s no spark, no energy, nothing surprising. Maybe it is because we’re used to the show already – we expect everything so nothing feels fresh our outrageous. Everytime someone is “left” alone in the deserted hospital, the Green Meanie surfaces and takes them out. It’s predictable. This episode was deader than Chad and Denise combined… and that Halloween party was a doozy compared to the original. Even those deaths felt a little shorthanded. Does the killer just know they’re going to get away with it so he/she doesn’t even try? Are the writers not trying? Am I the only one feeling this?

Other Thoughts

  • Munsch is very set on keeping the CURE institute open for her own selfish reasons. Maybe the nameless nurse played by Kirstie Alley is killing everyone in order to shut down CURE?
  • That means, Munsch could have killed Chad to get all the money to keep CURE open despite not actually being able to cure any patients?
  • I definitely need Chanel to attack more people in slow-motion… that was gold.
  • I also need a lot more Cassidy and Chanel #3. They are by far my favorite couple and the fact that she dressed as death to get “comfortable” with it was perfect. Also, Taylor Lautner as Ryan Lochte. SPOT ON.
  • Will we find out more about Dr. Brock’s serial killer hand? Could he be going through a Jekyll/Hyde phase where his hand takes over his whole brain and he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  • Despite the fact that the murderer isn’t only going after patients, there has to still be a connection to the mass murder way back when. What could it be?
  • Why does Hester know who it is?
  • Hamilton is def the costume of the year. Did you see Munsch rockin’ it?

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