By Lizzy Buczak

He’ll be there for you!

This reimagined Friends episode is perfect for Halloween!

One fan pieced together a “lost” Friends episode with an alternate ending you probably won’t be a fan of – Chandler dies and comes back a ghost to haunt the rest of the group.

The episode titled “The One Where Chandler Dies” is described as “bleak, but also existential, spooky and uplifting.”

The opening is familiar – the gang piling onto the sofa in Central Park as “I’ll Be There For You – but with one change, Chandler is not included because he’s been killed by an ice cream truck. A very admirable death, might I mention.

The rest of the 16-minute episode is cut-and-pasted from different parts of the series.

Joey, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe are understandably saddened by the news but Monica is the most distraught turning to drugs before eventually falling in love with Joey, who also becomes Ross’s new best friend.

Chandler, who is chilling on his La-Z-Boy in heaven, is upset and asks god to send him back to New York City.

Unfortunately, he’s a giant green ghost and no one can hear him – a nod to all of his jokes that fell flat in the series.

Finally, the gang realizes they’re being haunted and realize in order to get rid of Chandler’s spirit they nee closure.

With some help from Pheobe’s “dark arts” they summon Chandler, who comes bearing gists – boxed seasons of Friends.

They watch their lives play out on the TV before realizing things will be ok and saying goodbye to Chandler, who floats up to heaven with the “Ghost” music, to really make it more dramatic.

Sure, the whole thing is pretty bizarre but you have to give credit where credit is due – putting that together probably took a lot of time and you’ll NEVER see Chandler in the same light again.

We still like the original version of Friends though.



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