By Lizzy Buczak

We tried to predict what would happen in pop culture for 2016 last year and we got about 8 out of 15 predictions right. Not bad – check em out HERE!

We decided to give it another try this year.

Here’s a list of things we “predict,” which really means “hope” happens in 2017 when it comes to pop culture.


1. Taylor Swift’s new album 

She had TWO MAJOR breakups this year with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. It’s time for she gives us a revengey, breakup album!


2. Spice Girls will finally reunite for that 20th anniversary show as GEM

GEM isn’t ideal but if the 5 can’t reunite, we’ll settle for 3 of them. And hopefully, they’ll actually tour a bit instead of just staying in London. We have to celebrate the 20th anniversary properly!


3. Will & Grace revival will be the next Gilmore Girls

When it comes to revivals, there’s been so much hype around Will & Grace. Rumor has it more episodes are in the works so hopefully, we’ll get some Will, Grace, Karen and Jack in 2017.


4. Justin Timberlake will put out a new album & a song ft. Britney Spears

We’re overdue for a JT album, especially after his hit “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Since he was so up for working with Britney, we’re hoping they make that duet happen soon!


5. A fifth Chicago show will be in the works. Chicago Sanitation?

Chicago Sanitation was the Funny or Die parody but honestly, we have 4 Chicago shows – what’s one more added to the mix?


6. Nina Dobrev’s Return For The Final Episode of The Vampire Diaries

We cannot end TVD without Nina Dobrev. Negotiations were rumored to be in the works but can we just get over all the drama and bring her back so we can give Delena a proper send off?


7. The Cubs will win the World Series again



8. Britney Spears and G-Eazy will date

Just cause we’re rooting for a JT and Britney duet doesn’t mean we think they belong together. He’s married and Britney has had great chemistry with G-Eazy. Maybe he’s the one?


9. An End to KUWTK – they all need a break

They’ve postponed production twice this year after things got out of control. Maybe this means they should just cancel the show and move on? It has been going on a bit too long.


10. The lads of One Direction get back together… finally!

Two of them might be dad’s but that doesn’t mean their boyband days need to be over. Plus, Niall said they’d be back so let’s make 2017 the year of their comeback!



11. Kanye West at Lollapalooza

Maybe he’ll move back to Chicago and perform at Lolla with Chance the Rapper?



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