By Lizzy Buczak

Since his hospitalization, many fans are writing open letters to Kanye West.

Simply, they want to know “What’s up with you, man?” At least Matthew Pozo from Medium does.

He misses the old Kanye, the one he met way back when in Chicago Kanye.

“When I met you I was a young, impressionable kid growing up in Chicago, just like you were at one point. Your music and beats were so different and so much more soulful than anything I’d heard up to that point. It was hard not to fall in love. You made rap feel “smart,” if not “nerdy” at a time when being nerdy was considered lame. Do you know how much that meant to me and the rest of my generation?”

In a way, we all miss that old Kanye – even Kanye knows we miss the old Kanye but he sings about it in a mocking way. Maybe he’s just trying to get a point across? Maybe it was his cry for help?

Pozo continues, “You once told us to not forget for one second that you’re from Chicago. Lately, it seems like you’re the one who’s forgotten. Honestly, the way you’ve been talking and acting, it seems like you’re from the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, or Winnetka (no offense to anyone from those places, I hear they’re quite lovely).”

Where is the Kanye from the Chi?

In fact, a writer from The No 4 Play Show seems to think Kanye should move back to his hometown.

“One thing we all can agree on, including Kanye, is that Kanye is not well right now.  We don’t know if that’s spiritually, mentally or physically but we know it.  We can sense it, we can feel it and that is why I want him to simply come home.  We need Kanye and Kanye needs us.  See Chicago is a city that protects its own, you cannot speak ill of Michael Jordan here, you cannot speak ill of Walter Payton, you cannot speak ill of Oprah, the Obama’s or anyone else we call our own and to put into simple terms “we ain’t going.”  I want Kanye to be here because he can be surrounded by love.  People that will protect him from the city of big shoulders. We love this brother, and rightfully so some of us feel that we need to hold him accountable for things he has said and there will be a time for that, but it’s not now,” he writes.

It seems like he’s lost his sense of self, it was muddled in all the noise of becoming a star.

Would leaving the spotlight, leaving Hollywood help him heal? Taking a break from the industry, the paparazzi, the media – would it help Kanye be Kanye again?

Or is this the real Kanye and we never even really knew Kanye?

Share your thoughts, we’d love to know.


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