By Nikki

Gloom does not have to equal doom. Chicago gets months of cold, snow, stuck in the house weather and it gets depressing! I mean, we can only Netflix and chill for so many days right?

Here are the 5 best ways to get out of the winter blues funk:

  1. Hit the tanning booth and soak up some vitamin D. Those sun rays beam massive amounts of vitamin D which is a natural way to beat depression. Just slather on some spf if you don’t want the harmful rays to get you.
  2. Go to the gym. Exercise is another natural endorphin increaser that always puts you in a better mood. Life weights, cardio, yoga, whatever. Bonus: better body.
  3. Dance in your living room. Don’t want to leave the house but need to be uplifted? Clear the furniture, turn up the music and practice dance moves to impress your friends with.
  4. Get a vitamin D lamp for the house. Works like tanning, setting those positive rays into your enviornment to brighten you mood up.
  5. Embrace it. Bundle up, go outside and get active. Go sledding, hit an outdoor ice rink, get hot coco and walk around downtown people watching. Don’t be a slave to Old Man Winter!

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