"He just drops and lands on his back – bang. And he’s motionless," he said.

By Annie Reuter

Deadmau5 sees a lot from his DJ booth. One thing he didn’t foresee, though, was when a fan climbed six feet in the air to his booth during a performance. It’s a moment that had the dance music artist convinced that he killed a fan.

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In an interview with NME discussing his new album, W:/2016ALBUM/, Deadmau5 recalls kicking that fan to the ground and later fearing that he had paralyzed or killed him.

“So I’m playing live, up in the Cube [his booth]. I’ve got this LED helmet on, I’m six foot in the air, I can barely see,” he said. “All of a sudden I hear my manager screaming in my earpiece, and I feel someone grabbing at my waist. This kid has somehow climbed up into the Cube.”

Deadmau5 panicked and kicked back at the fan, and the fan fell six feet below.

“He just drops and lands on his back – bang. And he’s motionless,” he said. “I take off my helmet and look down, and for what felt like a long time I’m like, ‘I just paralyzed or killed that kid.’ Then finally he bounces up and is all ‘Wooo!’ at the crowd. Never been so relieved in my life. Scary.”

“But it’s like, what were you planning to do, dude? Take over the show for me?” he continued. “Go for it, I get paid either way. Do what you gotta do, ruin the show.”

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