By Lizzy Buczak

If you attended the 2016, B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash you were part of the BIGGEST pop culture music show of the year!

I’m not even kidding, the lineup was so incredible, not even a snowstorm that dumped approximately 5 inches of snow on the city could stop people from attending.

On Saturday, December 10th, the Allstate Arena slowly filled up as 6:30pm drew closer and then finally, the anticipated the 3 minute countdown began.

High pitched screams echoed the arena as Shawn Mendes hopped on stage to kick off the show.

The 18-year-old Canadian crooner rocked his Cubs jersey and opened up with his hit “Treat You Better.”

His performance also included hits “Mercy” and “Stitches,” which didn’t even require his vocals – everyone sang along with him!

Just remember, @shawnmendes can treat you better than he can. #JingleBash

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Next up was Alessia Cara who’s soulful voice and natural look highlighted her immense talents.

Rocking her Cubs jersey, she sang classics like “Here,” “Scars To Your Beautiful” and “Wild Things.”

Hey, the Cubs did win the World Series for the first time in 108 years after all.

Find me where the wild things are… #JingleBash @alessiasmusic

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With DNCE up next, things were about to get fracking WILD!

Cole, Jin Joo, Jack and Joe, who wore a deliciously fuzzy leopard jacket, brought energy and life into the arena.

Not only did they perform some of their goodies like “Toothbrush” and “Body Moves” they also added in some flavor with a medley featuring Kanye’s “Fade,” Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” and Britney’s “Oops I Did It Again,” obviously pumping up the crowd for later.

But the best part? Joe Jonas hopped off stage and ran through the aisles of the arena while singing “Cake by the Ocean.” Classic Joe, right?

Credit: Floyd McCraney

Credit: Floyd McCraney


DNCE was a tough act to follow but OneRepublic was up for the challenge bringing a vocally charged performance that for a second, made you forget you weren’t their very own show.

The guys played hits from their new album Oh My My including “Wherever I Go” and then took it back to their very first hit, “Apologize.” You better believe EVERY single person in the room was singing, including the parents.

“We’re OneRepublic and if you’ve never heard of us, welcome back from North Korea,” they exclaimed. Bold statement laced with #truth.

@onerepublic…we're speechless. #JingleBash

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G-Eazy electrified the stage and well, he wasn’t too keen on being censored… if you know what I mean.

The coldest white rapper in the game, next to the one with the bleached hair of course, churned out hit after hit including “I Mean It” and “Some Kind of Drug,” unfortunately without Marc. E Bassy.

He finished it off with the classic, “Me Myself and I” also without Bebe Rexha.

Can't stop, won't stop @g_eazy!!! #JingleBash #Bbash #geazy

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Oh and a girl tried to throw her bra onstage but it actually fell into the photo pit and yeah, we def got a photo of it.

bra RECAP: The B96 Pepsi #JingleBash   A Delicious Taste of Pop Culture


Then, there was this cosmic shift in energy. Why? BRITNEY SPEARS WAS ABOUT TO TAKE THE STAGE.

Fans waited patiently for the energetic singer and then suddenly, the first chords from “Work B**ch” were heard.

As the arena erupted in screams, Britney graced the stage in a tight, red, sequined body suit.


This was Britney’s first show in Chicago in over 5-years and it was worth waiting for because Godney DELIVERED.

The “Piece of Me” inspired medley included some old hits like “Stronger” and “Crazy.”

With G-Eazy in the building, she couldn’t pass up a chance to bring him on stage for a sexually charged performance of “Make Me.” Crotch grabbing at its finest, you know?

Hot. #JingleBash #BritneySpears #Geazy #MakeMe #britneyarmy #YoungGerald

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She opted for a slowed down, lullaby-esque version of “Toxic” before launching into the sped up chorus and iconic dance routine.

And for her finale, she brought out Tinashe and threw us a “Slumber Party” we’ll dream about for weeks to come.


Fifth Harmony followed Britney with a set full of slayage. I mean, that’s all these girls ever do right? SLAY!

Dressed in their Cubs jerseys, the girls danced, twerked and hit impeccable notes on classics like “That’s My Girl,” “Worth It” and “Work From Home.”

You can work from home 😉 #JingleBash @fifthharmony

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And for the grand finale – The CHAINSMOKERS.

Alex led to crowd in sing-along to “Closer” sing along before dropping “Don’t Let Me Down,”

There was SO MUCH dancing you could literally feel the ground shaking under your feet.


If you exited the show with energy left, you didn’t do it right because this #JingleBash was a complete party from beginning to end.

What do you say we do it all again at the B96 Pepsi #SummerBash on Saturday, June 24th?

We’ll see you there – if this year’s lineup was any indication – you should probably get your tickets early!


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