By Lizzy Buczak

2017 might be a good year for the liars – they A.D game is finally coming to an end.

But will everyone make it out alive?

The first season trailer for the second half of the final season 7 0f Pretty Little Liars has been revealed.

Even though it is only 30 seconds long, it is jam packed with action and A.D-like destruction.

Check it out below:

Here are a few thoughts we had after watching.

1. What’s Jenna’s involvement?

Last we saw her, she was trapped in the car with the mystery villain and it didn’t seem like she was working with him. But in the clip, she seems to be having an intense face to face with Caleb and still roaming free – even though she actually tried to kill the liars.

2. Is Toby alive?

Sure, we want to know if Yvonne is okay but more so, what happened to Toby? They were in a brutal car accident at the end of 7A and he’s not in the trailer so are we to believe he’s dead?

3. Why is Mary Drake choking Spencer?

It was revealed Spencer is Mary Drake’s daughter. Heck, Mary even saved her life after she was shot. So why does it seem like she’s trying to kill her daughter in the trailer? And who is Spencer screaming “you ruined my life” at?

4. Spotted – WREN! 

With his hair shaved off but still WREN IS BACK. What is he up to? Why is he with Spencer? What is happening?

screen shot 2016 12 15 at 10 57 51 am WATCH: Pretty Little Liars Drops A.D Filled Final Season Trailer



5. “What Did A.D Make You Do?”

A.D has made these girls do some cray-cray stuff in the past. Heck they buried a body of a man they killed with their car so that the police wouldn’t find out because police in Rosewood is horrible. If A.D has something on them now, there’s no telling how far they’ll go or what they do. In the clip, we see Aria pulling out a knife and Aria with a knife = nothing good.

6. Is Ezria over?

In a short clip, it looks like Aria and Ezra are having an argument and he says, “There are things that have been done that can’t be forgiven.” Like what Ezra? She forgave you when you were revealed to be with her only to write a damn book about your missing ex Alison! Ugh. Last we saw them, Ezra was reunited with his ex Nicole, who he believed was dead after being kidnapped. Aria deleted the missed call so maybe he’s referring to that?

7. So…. who is A.D?

I feel like we’ve been asking this question since day 1 only the killer has somewhat changed. We’ve tried to figure out who A is, who Uber A is and now, who A.D is? And how do all these seasons tie in together? And seriously, who killed Charlotte? Since these are the final 10 episodes, does it mean A.D’s game is slightly more intense and more is at stake? I’m still calling it – Wren and Melissa are involved somehow and so is Emily’s ex Maya!

8. Samsung 7 Note?

There’s a phone exploding and it seems like the liars didn’t get the recall on Samsung 7 Notes… just saying.


Pretty Little Liars returns to Freeform on April 18, 2017!


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