By Lizzy Buczak

The start of a new year is exciting but with a new year come new laws and new responsibilities.

Several new laws being implemented in Chicago ill mean that you’ll be paying more taxes and fees.

Here’s everything you need to know.


Paper & Plastic Bag Fee

Come to the grocery store equipped with your own recyclable bags because all Chicago retailers will begin charging shoppers 7 cents for every paper and plastic bag.

The charge will be displayed on the receipt right next to things like “bottled water tax.”

Exciting right? So turn into a bag lady and you’ll avoid the extra fees.


New Water Tax for Homeowners
The City Council has agreed to raise water and sewer taxes by 30 percent.
That means an extra $4.50 a month for running water and flushing toilets.
When the full tax is implemented in the five years, prices will raise about $228 more a year. Yowza.
A Huge Property Tax Hike 
The Council approved one of the largest property tax hikes in history – cause you know, we aren’t already paying enough.
In 2017, property owners will see taxes rise by about $109 million in total to pay for pensions of police, firefighters and teachers.
Breakdown: if your home is worth $250,00, you’ll be paying about $350 more on taxes in the new year… in addition to more taxes for waters and sewers mentioned above.

Stores Can Start Selling Menthol Cigs Around Schools

The Council lifted a 2014 ban which said stores near elementary and middle schools could not sell flavored or menthol tobacco products.

While the ban has been lifted, stores still cannot sell products within 500 ft. of high schools so keep that in mind when you’re purchasing your cigs.


Almost a Thousand New Parking Meters

Okay fine 752 to be exact!

Free parking is a thing of the past come 2017.

153 new meters will be placed in the Loop and the rest spread in the city.

It will also cost $2 more to park by Wrigley during a Cubs game, 2 hours before and one hour after.

See WHERE they’re being placed exactly!





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