By Lizzy Buczak


Want to be the brand new owner of a clown-themed motel?

A clown-themed motel that I should add is 100% haunted considering it’s parked up next to a reportedly haunted cemetery is for sale.

The hotel in rural Nevada plus all the 600 clown figurines, mannequins and paintings, and employees can be yours!

The 79-year-old owner, Bob Perchetti, says he’s selling the property after 22 years so he can “enjoy some free time” with his wife, their kids and their grandchildren.

So the plus side – he’s not selling because the ghosts and spirits and evil clowns have ruined his life.

“I’m not going to let them change the clown motif,” he said. “That’s going to be part of the contract.”

Legend has it, the motel was built in the 80s by siblings Leona and LeRoy David and Perchetti bought it from them in 1995.

The clown hotel became a tourist spot after it was featured on “Ghost Adventures” in 2015.




Original piece:

Stop in for the breakfast and a night of nightmares!

If clowns weren’t on your list of fears, that definitely changed in 2016.

In case you forgot – and really, how could you – there were clowns luring kids into the woods, clowns attacking police officers and clowns making threats on Facebook.

Things got so bad, there was a even a national alert to steer clear of anyone in a clown costume on Halloween.

But someone in Tonopah, Nevada clearly never got the memo and figured that a “Clown Motel” was a great idea.

The tiny town has a population of less than 3,000 people and if you’ve watched enough horror movies you know that basically guarantees no one will ever hear you scream.

The themed-hotel features clowns all around the property – the lobby alone is home to hundreds.

It doesn’t seem like the motel is trying to be the Disneyland of Tonopah but more of a rest stop for those passing through and truckers but still, motels are creepy enough without the addition of clowns, which may or may not be killer.

Oh and did we mention the VIEW from the motel is a cemetery? Convenient if “IT” is about to come get you in your sleep right?

This was the view from our room last night. #clownmotel #oldcemetery #V2R

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