By Rebecca Ortiz

Where do we begin?! This love story is turning in to anything BUT that!

Bella Hadid was dating the Weeknd for about a year- they broke-up once (around the half way mark) and got back together…and then called it quits for good back in November (2016).

So it had been about 2 months-ish…and then pics of Selena Gomez and the Weeknd making out popped up!

Seems fine right? They were both single. Rumors are that the 2 started seeing each a month ago – but they were still both single so no big whoop right?

Not according to Bella and that’s where it gets messy …

Bella is allegedly using words like “betrayed” and “backstabbed” in regards to Selena! I didn’t even know they were friends?!

Apparently, the Hadid sisters and Selena were all brought together in Taylor Swift’s “squad”.

Bella claims she was there for Selena when she was going thru her “tough time” and cried on her shoulder when she and the Weeknd broke-up (so she knew she still loved him). So her snatching him up breaks “girl code”.

Selena just straight out said “We weren’t that good of friends” -LMAO!!!

Well damn girl!

Selena’s camp says that Bella is just playing the victim and that if the 2 were in fact as close as she says things would have turned out different.

Of course it’s awful that Bella still loves the Weeknd and he’s moved on. Maybe she thought they’d get back together since they’d broken up and done it in the past?

Is Selena in the right here? Or Bella?

And where is the Weeknd in all this? ;p



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