By Lizzy Buczak

Kissy face, duck lips, peace signs.

We all do them when we pose for pictures but can they pose a threat to us?

Japanese researchers are warning people that someone can steal you fingerprint from a digital picture.

How do they know? Because they successfully did it off of a picture of someone flashing a forward facing peace sign.

“One can use it to assume another identity, such as accessing a smartphone or breaking and entering into a restricted area such as an apartment,” Isao Echizen, a professor at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics, told Reuters Television.

But fear not – while it CAN happen, the likelihood of a cyber thief actually lifting your print from a photo is slim to none.

In fact, Snopes debunked the warning stating, “No evidence was presented to demonstrate that hackers are currently using photographs to duplicate fingerprints in order to commit crimes or steal identities.”

The choice is yours but there is really no much to worry about when it comes to your peace-sign selfies.

You should probably more concerned about NOT connecting to free wi-fi networks and don’t click on emails with unknown attachments.



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