I’m a commuter.  That means, every morning and every evening, I make my way to the Blue Line to get to work.

Every. Single. Day.

Sometimes it’s a pain but usually, I just sit back, relax and think a bunch of random thoughts.

Today, I logged my trip… and I’m sure many of you can relate!


Monday morning 8:21 am


Seriously, could that train not have waited?

Oh never mind, there was one right behind it. Silly me. 

Why did this person stop RIGHT in front of me to get on the train. I was standing right there….

Sweet – there’s an empty seat. It’s the 3rd row on the right hand, just the way I like it.

God, I hope no one peed on this seat before I sat down. 

Am I early? There aren’t many people on the train today. 

Oh wait, never mind.

Thank god I got a seat… I would hate to be standing right now.

How can she possibly do her mascara on the train? What if the train abruptly stops and she pokes her eye out? 

Oh my god, why is he talking so loud. Inside voice dude, it’s so EARLY.

I’m sweating. I hate winter. I always wear so many layers and then sit down and it’s so warm.

At least the heaters are on this time… I froze last week, stop complaining. 

Ew what’s that smell? 

Oh yah we’re at Damen, there’s always random breakfast smells when the doors open.

Okay… can we close the doors now? It’s getting chilly.

Hey, that dude’s kind of hot. 

I like his style. 

I wonder if he’s married. 

This person next to me is seriously writing a book on her phone.

Wonder if I can peek over and see what she’s ranting about. 

Ugh she’s fighting with her best friend. That’s the worse start to the morning.

Let me text my best friend.

Wow, I have 4 texts… of course I put my phone on silent.

Hey best friend, have a great day!

Skip this song, this song sucks. 

Can that man stop sneezing? I swear, if I get sick.

Don’t breathe.

Wonder if anyone posted anything on Instagram.


Oh that’s cute.


Saw this already.

Maybe I’ll just close my eyes and nap a bit.

I def need coffee.

Monday’s are the worst. 

What stop am I at?

That woman’s coat is so cute.

I wish I could look that cute in the winter. I’m always too cold and literally never want to wake up early.

Maybe I should go shopping.

Let me check out if they have anything new at Akira.

Why am I even doing this, I’m broke? 

Ugh, I just lost 4G signal… I guess no shopping for me.

What should I eat for lunch today.

Did I eat breakfast?

Are you serious? Why does the train ALWAYS break down right before my stop.

I wonder how long it’s going to take to fix.

I swear, I’ve been on here for like 25 minutes. 

This is why I never make it on time.

Should I just walk?

I should text Rachel and tell her I’m so late. She’s probably late too. 

Finally, doors closing! 

I wouldn’t have walked anyways.

Why is this train moving so slow? What are we going 3mph?

Alright, this is the stop! 

Excuse me lady, can’t you see me getting off.

Why do I get such anxiety if I  don’t get off before the closing doors announcement?

Come on lady. 

Seriously, people need to learn how to walk.

The left side of the escalator is for walking. W-A-L-K-I-N-G

What time is it?

Damn… I’m late.



And then I DO IT ALL AGAIN the next morning, like clockwork.



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