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Do You Shower Too Much? Study Says Less Is More

We’ve always been told that it’s good hygiene to shower every day but a new study suggests that showering too much can actually be bad for you.

Researchers believe that showering too often can damage the human microbiome, which is a collection of bacteria, viruses and other microbes living in and on our bodies.

The Genetic Science Center at the University of Utah believes that “disrupting our microbial ecosystems can cause disease.”

One of the damaging disruptions according to the study published in Science Advances is showering too much.

Apparently, constantly washing our bodies damages healthy miccroorganisms.

The study documented people in the Yanomami village in the Amazon and found that “Westernization significantly affects human micro biome diversity.”

I will however note that it is essential to always keep your armpits, groin and face clean, since they tend to attract the most bacteria.

Also a piece of advice for those who love long showers – it’s bad for your skin because it strips oils from your body, which leaves you dry and flaky.

Read more HERE and find out what happens to your body when you stop showering daily!

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