By Lizzy Buczak

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you watched CBS’s “Hunted” on Sunday, you may have seen how investigators could use any means at their disposal to catch fugitives. Everywhere people travel can be easily tracked, and their data easily discovered. Just a few taps of a keyboard can connect friends, family, companies and government agencies.

CBS 2’s Erin Kennedy reports on how many traces people leave behind from the minute they wake up. She noticed that even by using credit cards, people are being tracked.

“I see a couple of cameras on my way to the bank to get cash, thinking that if I’m paying in cash, hopefully I’m staying of the grid, but that’s not necessarily what’s happening?” Kennedy asked Evolve Security CEO Paul Petefish

“Right, you’re absolutely going to be on camera here” he said.

Petefish and Kennedy counted at least six cameras at a Chicago intersection. City police use cameras along with facial recognition to catch criminals. However, Petefish said people should worry about the data these cameras are recording and possibly storing.

“I don’t know if anybody really knows if they’re archiving it, if they’re storing it and securing it properly. Those are definitely concerns, and is that network safe? Can people tap into it?” asked Petefish.

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