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Hold The Bacon…. The U.S Is On The Brink of a Bacon Shortage

This is too much to handle.

The U.S is on the verge of a aporkalypse… in other words, a bacon shortage.

With Americans indulging in so much bacon at the breakfast table,  the reserves have hit a 50 year low.

Recent data from the USDA shows that 2016 inventory for frozen pork belly, is down 35.6 million pounds from 2015.

With low reserves, prices have gone up by about 20% in January alone.

Rick Deaton, President of the Ohio Pork Council, said farmers are doing their best to meet the huge demand, producing more pigs than ever.

But they’re struggling to keep up with our porky consumption.

He does remain optimistic however…

“Rest assured. The pork industry will not run out of supply. Ohio farmers will continue to work hard to ensure consumers receive the products they crave,” he added.

Of course, the threat of a shortage has caused a sense of unease on Twitter with #baconshortage2017 already trending.




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